Yellowjackets Sophie Nelisse accidentally took Jackie’s ear home with her – /Film

During a recent interview with Esquire, Sophie Nélisse admitted that she absently put her ear in her pocket after shooting one day and didn’t find it until months later. “I was going through my pocket and I thought, ‘What is this weird soft thing? … Oh my God, it’s the ear,'” she said. The ear in question was made of silicone, which is lucky considering that much of the edible meat in “Yellowjackets” is made of candy.

“You’ll see eventually on the show that there are other things that we eat that are actually made out of gummy bears,” he told Esquire. “They’re actually so tasty, but they look so real and gooey and gross that our brains can’t really disassociate and get away from them. It feels sickening to eat them, even though they’re actually quite delicious. It’s literally a giant gummy bear.” Co-star Samantha Hanratty, who plays Misty Quigley, is a proud vegan and has confirmed that some of what she’s provided is made from Beyond Meat or vegan-friendly gummies.

As for the ear? Nélisse said that he keeps it hidden in his room. “It would be a red flag if someone walked into my room and found this little ear on my counter. So, it’s hidden in a little keepsake box.” Oh, it’s like the heart box from “Snow White.” How sweet!

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