Wife of Francisco Oropesa and ‘several’ others arrested for shooting in Texas – live

5 dead, including 8-year-old in San Jacinto County, fugitive shooter

“Several” other people have been arrested in connection with the mass shooting in Texas that left five dead on Friday, after suspect Francisco Oropesa was tracked down and captured Tuesday.

San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Chief Tim Kean said Wednesday morning that fewer than five other people had been taken into custody.

One of the individuals has been identified as the suspect’s wife. It is unclear what charges they may face.

The additional arrests come after Oropesa, 38, was found hiding under a pile of dirty clothes in the closet of a home in Cut and Shoot on Tuesday, after the FBI received a tip on his whereabouts.

The accused gunman had been the focus of a dramatic four-day manhunt in the wake of Friday’s shooting that unfolded when his neighbors asked him to stop shooting near their home because a baby was trying to sleep.

He allegedly broke into his neighbors’ house with an AR-15-style rifle and opened fire on the people inside.

Sonia Argentina Guzmán, 25, her nine-year-old son, Daniel Enrique Laso-Guzmán, Diana Velázquez Alvarado, 21, Julisa Molina Rivera, 31, and José Jonathan Cásarez, 18, were killed in the shooting.


Police publish images of Divimara Nava’s arraignment

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How many mass shootings have there been in 2023?

This year is on track to be no different. According to data from the Gun Violence Archive, as of mid-April there have already been 149 mass shootings in the US, with gun violence claiming lives in every state in the country.

According to the Gun Violence Archive, shootings have already claimed more than 11,000 total lives in the US by 2023, with more than 6,000 people using a gun to commit suicide. Another 9,000 people have been injured in a shooting so far this year.

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Survivors question why authorities did not arrive sooner

Wilson Garcia, who lost his wife and son in a mass shooting Friday, said he and his wife called local police multiple times because their neighbor, suspected shooter Francisco Oropesa, kept shooting outside.

The family reportedly called five times.

But the police were not quick enough to respond, and Mr. Oropesa allegedly entered the house and began shooting, killing five people, including Mr. García’s wife and their nine-year-old son.

Ramiro Guzmán, another person inside the house, hid in a closet with his wife and young son calling 911 over and over again, according to NBC News.

He claims that a dispatcher told him that an officer was already on the scene even though there was no officer.

“They hung up the call. She would call again,” Guzmán said in an interview.

“Then I called my aunt who lives two blocks away to see if they would answer. I thought maybe they didn’t believe me and that’s why they didn’t want to help, but maybe they would believe her.”

Now, survivors and other neighbors are wondering why the police didn’t show up sooner.

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Francisco Oropesa held on $5 million bail

Francisco Oropesa is being held on $5 million bail following his arrest at Cut and Shoot on Tuesday.

The 38-year-old mass shooting suspect is charged with five counts of murder in Friday’s shooting after five victims died in the terror attack.

The victims have been identified as Sonia Argentina Guzmán, 25, her nine-year-old son, Daniel Enrique Laso-Guzmán, Diana Velázquez Alvarado, 21, Julisa Molina Rivera, 31, and José Jonathan Cásarez, 18.

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Police investigate how Oropesa bought an assault rifle

Francisco Oropesa, a Texas man wanted for allegedly shooting five people in the city of Cleveland on Friday, may have illegally purchased an assault rifle used in the shootings.

San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers said authorities are investigating how the 38-year-old man was able to obtain such a weapon given the man’s previous run-ins with police, including deportation four times.

The sheriff said he thought the man might have been able to “buy it off someone else on the street.”

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FBI captures Francisco Oropesa

The FBI has released jailhouse photos of Francisco Oropesa, a Texas man accused of shooting to death five of his neighbors.

Oropesa, who has been charged with five counts of murder, was found by police hiding under his clothes in a closet thanks to an anonymous tip, according to authorities.

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‘Several’ more people arrested after the capture of Francisco Oropesa

Several people have been arrested in connection with a mass shooting that left five dead in Cleveland, Texas, including the partner of suspected gunman Francisco Oropesa.

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Mysterious informant led authorities to suspect

A mysterious informant led the alleged mass murderer Francisco Oropesa to authorities, according to authorities.

Authorities announced his arrest at a news conference Tuesday, offering details of how they tracked him to a home in Cut and Shoot.

Investigators were initially tracking Oropesa’s cell phone, but the device was found abandoned on Saturday.

FBI Deputy Special Agent in Charge Jimmy Paul said the bureau received a tip on its tip line at 5:15 p.m. local time Tuesday.

Officials acted on the tip and also traced Mr. Oropesa’s wife to a house near Cut and Shoot that was linked to one of his family members.

Oropesa was arrested at 6:30 p.m. local time.

“We just want to thank the person who had the courage and the bravery to call to give the location of the suspect,” said Officer Paul.

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Francisco Oropesa had a cell phone on him and was in contact with people when they found him

Francisco Oropesa had a cell phone when it was found hidden under a pile of laundry in the closet of a home in Cut and Shoot, Texas, on Tuesday, according to authorities.

Speaking Wednesday morning, Deputy Chief Tim Kean of the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office criticized anyone who helped the suspect as he fled, saying the people the accused mass murderer was in contact with had not abandoned the area.

“Anyone who helped this maniac definitely has some kind of problem as far as I’m concerned,” he said, adding that Oropesa “thought he was in a safe place.”

None of the people arrested in connection with the mass shooting were at the Cut and Shoot home at the time of Oropesa’s arrest, he said.

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What we know about Texas shooting suspect accused of killing five over ‘noise complaint’

After four days of searching, police captured Francisco Oropesa, 38, suspected of fatally shooting five people in Cleveland, Texas.

This is what we know about Francisco Oropesa.

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