Why Peter Pan and Wendy is Director David Lowery’s Pet Project – /Film

It took a while to make “Peter Pan & Wendy” as filming was pushed back almost a year due to COVID-19 lockdowns. When David Lowery spoke to Collider in July 2021, he had been shooting for four months. Lowery would not complete the film until February 2022. Despite the delays and lengthy shooting schedule, Lowery was still happy with what he was doing and liking the whole experience. He told Collider:

“I think, personally speaking, it’s my favorite thing of all the movies I’ve done, something I didn’t expect to get into it, but it is. I’ve never fallen in love with a movie as much as this one. I have a couple of weeks and I love this movie. It’s the most personal thing I’ve ever done.”

Lowery doesn’t go into much detail about why “Peter Pan” was personal to him, other than stating that he definitely had a case of Peter Pan syndrome, which is to say: Lowery is an adult who feels it might be a bad idea to grow up, because growing up is more horrible than all the horrible things that ever were. But, as in all the “Peter Pan” stories, Lowery saw that Pan was truly a tragic character. Not being able to grow up sounds wonderful when you’re a child, but adults understand the deep emotional and intellectual pleasures that come with maturity. Making “Peter Pan & Wendy” allowed Lowery to face certain immature aspects of himself and shed some of his worst mental habits.

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