Why is Prince Harry suing the Sun and other tabloids?

Last week, Prince Harry’s case over the alleged wiretapping by the editor of the Sun and News of the World reached the British high court. jim waterson reports

Prince Harry alleges that the Sun newspaper illegally hacked into his voice messages during the 2000s. The company denies any wrongdoing by journalists at the Sun.

The Guardian media editor, Jim Waterson, has been reporting from the British high court where the judge is deciding whether or not the case will go to trial. He says Nosheen Iqbal about the extraordinary claims made by Harry, including that his brother William received a “very large sum” from News Group newspapers to settle his phone hacking claim. Waterson also explains the story of the wiretapping scandal, which other media publishers Harry is facing in court, and why the prince says he’s not going to settle.

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