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Who are these incognito celebs heading to the 2023 Met Gala?

We are sure that they are incredibly beautiful.

A star hidden in what looks like a body bag has captivated Twitter amid speculation about which Met Gala attendee is going undercover.

Celebrities are doing everything they can to preserve their Met Gala look before they hit the beige carpet this year, shielding themselves from premature paparazzi shots with umbrellas, security, and even plastic wrap.

The bizarre methods of evading some snapshots seem more outrageous than the outfits themselves.

On twitter, a viral clip it shows an unseen celebrity leaving the Carlyle Hotel, wrapped in plastic wrap and carried by an entourage, stowing them away in a black car before speeding off to fashion’s biggest night.

Several users speculate that it could be doja catwhile others claim that it is Anna Oxa, Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga.

“IM CRYING,” one user tweeted in response.

“She’s ready to serve,” chimed in another.

Fans speculated that Doja Cat could be the anonymous celebrity inside the plastic tarp.

Celebrity draped in umbrellas leaving hotel for Met Gala
A-listers went to great lengths to preserve their evening outfits for the red carpet debut.

“BIG REVEALER ENTERS,” defended someone else.

“He’s giving Gaga in that bud,” wrote another.

While her suspicions weren’t confirmed, Doja Cat, true to herself, appeared on the carpet paying homage to Karl Lagerfeld’s beloved kitty, Choupette.

Doja Cat dressed as a couture feline
Fans speculated that it was Doja Cat, but she arrived on the carpet looking like a couture feline, an ode to Choupette.
fake images

Her elegant dress featured a sparkly hood with cat ears and a feathered train that bore a striking resemblance to the late designer’s favorite feline. The musical artist even has a cat-like schnoz designed for her face.

another viral clip tonight’s show showed an unseen celebrity, also supposed to be Doja Cat, draped in black umbrellas and guarded by security as she left The Mark Hotel, just blocks from the gala.

As the star snubbed the paparazzi, a chorus of “boos” rang out from the sea of ​​photographers, videographers and fans after the unnamed celeb refused to show her face.



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