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We combined our names to name our daughter something truly unique — haters call it a “tragedy.”

Kevin and Kellie have pretty conventional names, so when they found out they were expecting a girl, they thought they’d mix them up and give their daughter something unique.

But the couple didn’t go to a common baby name website, or even search the celebrities for something different: Cosmo, Daisy Dove, Radix, or Lyra Antarctica, anyone? – they decided to take their own names, put them together and see what would come out the other side.

We think we’re being pretty objective when we say the result isn’t pretty, but Kevin and Kellie love their daughter’s name.

What is his name now?, you may be wondering.

The lucky girl’s name is Kevleigh. Hmm. She won’t help when we explain that she is pronounced: “Kev-lee.”

The family shared this image of Kevleigh’s first birthday cake on Facebook.
Facebook/Kellie Rathbun

You know, like the “Kev” in “Kevin” plus the “lie” in Kellie, it’s just spelled “leigh” because why not?

Kevleigh. And in news that won’t surprise anyone, when Kevin and Kellie posted a photo of their little girl’s first birthday cake online, the internet wasn’t focused on the cool unicorn shape, but on the name Kevleigh.

The internet hates parents’ unique baby name

Many people commented that the name Kevleigh was very close to being a real name.

One person said that while Kelvin is usually a boy’s name, that would have been a better choice than Kevleigh, while another person said that Kellin was a close and real name (although we’re not familiar with it).

Some chose the creative spelling. “Kevly wouldn’t be so bad but… Kevleigh eeee,” they said.

“That’s HORRIBLE,” was another person’s candid assessment.

Others had more sophisticated insults.

“If this name tells me anything, the baby that got half the genetics from each parent was already more than the baby expected,” one person said.

“Trolls say his name is a tragedy, but we think he’s super unique,” the proud parents revealed.

Parent-Inspired Baby Names

Lucky (or unlucky?) for Kevleigh, she’s not the only girl whose parents were inspired by the names of their own baby names.

“My name is Kerri, my parents are Kelly and Jerry. I think it worked better for me,” said one person.

“My mom is Leona and my sister’s dad is Brian. My sister was named Briona and I always thought she was really unique until I looked up her name on her Facebook and found thousands of them.”

* He quickly looks up Kevleigh on Facebook and finds… a group of men with first name Kevin (Kevin), last name Leigh.



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