Pittsburgh synagogue mass murder jury has begun deliberations to decide whether the death penalty phase of the trial should proceed | CNN

CNN — The jury in the trial of the Pittsburgh synagogue mass shooter began deliberating Wednesday on whether he is eligible for the death penalty. If the jury determines that you are eligible, it will proceed to the final phase of the trial, called sentencing selection, to consider whether to recommend the death penalty for … Read more

Ocean heat around Florida “unprecedented” and scientists warn of major impacts | CNN

CNN — A sudden marine heat wave off the coast of Florida stunned scientists and raised water temperatures to unprecedented levels, threatening one of the most severe coral bleaching events the state has ever seen. Sea surface temperatures around Florida have reached the highest levels on record since satellites began collecting ocean data. And the … Read more

EPA Recommends Stricter Rules on Harmful Lead Dust in Millions of Homes, Schools and Day Care Centers | CNN

CNN — The Biden administration on Wednesday proposed new federal rules to reduce the level of harmful lead dust in millions of homes, schools and day care centers. Although lead has been phased out of paint over decades, the harmful substance is still found in many older buildings. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that lead … Read more

Former Manson Family member Leslie Van Houten released from California prison, official says | CNN

CNN — Leslie Van Houten, a former supporter of Charles Manson and convicted murderer, was released from a California prison on Tuesday, a prison spokesperson told CNN. Van Houten was placed on supervised probation, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation spokeswoman Mary Xjimenez said. Van Houten will have a maximum term of probation of three … Read more

Owners of Horizon West Condo in Waukesha recall the building scare a year later

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) — Condominium owners gathered today, exactly one year after police forced them to evacuate their Waukesha homes, fearing the building would collapse. Forty-eight units are within Horizon West Condos. The occupants remember feelings of uncertainty that cold night. Some elderly, some teenagers, home alone, now, with a common thread: the anguish … Read more

Here’s What Lake Mead Could Rise After An Epic Winter And New Water Shutoffs | CNN

CNN — Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the country, spent much of last spring and summer in free fall. Over the course of four months, Mead’s rise tumbled a staggering 20 feet, first exposing one of the lake’s massive inlet valves in April before revealing more sinister things: multiple sets of human remains, including … Read more

2 Dead, 15 Injured After Fight at Large Michigan Block Party Ends in Gunshots | CNN

CNN — Two people are dead and 15 injured after a fight broke out at a large block party that resulted in a shooting in Saginaw, Michigan, police say. The party had been promoted on social media, according to authorities, and police had dispersed the crowd “several times at different locations” before the incident, Michigan … Read more

The parents of a 3-month-old girl found dead in the Bronx have been arrested in connection with her death, a source says | CNN

CNN — The parents of a 3-month-old girl who was found dead in a wooded area in the Bronx have been arrested in connection with her death and the concealment of her body, a law enforcement source told CNN. Ivana Paolozzi, 20, and Damion Comager, 23, were arrested Monday night, according to the New York … Read more

US News Changes Its College Rankings To Emphasize Diversity And Eliminate Alumni Donations | CNN

CNN — US News & World Report announced changes to the methodology of its controversial Best Colleges rankings to emphasize the success of diverse students and remove the influence of alumni and class size, the media company said in a statement. The 2024 Best Colleges Rankings, due to be released in the fall, will feature … Read more