Trump refuses to admit he lost ‘rigged’ 2020 election at CNN town hall event

Donald Trump refused to acknowledge that he lost the 2020 election to Joe Biden in CNN’s controversial town hall event, calling his loss “rigged” and “sad.”

Host Kaitlan Collins immediately confronted the one-term president over his election lies and was asked to finally admit that Biden had defeated him fairly and legally.

“Unless you are a very stupid person, you see what happens… most people understand what happened, it was a rigged election and it was a shame we had to go through that,” he told Collins.

He then asked him to admit that he had lost the election, telling him that he and his supporters had lost more than 60 lawsuits across the country.

Trump then cited claims from “True the Vote,” a conservative vote-monitoring organization, saying they had “found millions of votes in the government chambers where they were stuffing the polls, it’s a sad thing for our country and for the world.” . .”

Collins told him that Republican election officials across the country had already debunked the false election claims.

Trump then claimed that “people were afraid to bring it up” and that “we have horrible elections in this country,” citing Philadelphia, Detroit and Atlanta, all cities in swing states that went to Biden.

“There is no evidence of that,” he told her.

The event, which has been criticized for live-streaming Trump’s election lies and unsubstantiated conspiracy theories, was held in front of an audience of 400 Republican and Republican-leaning independent voters in New Hampshire on Wednesday night.

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