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Trump cancels Iowa rally over tornado threat as DeSantis courts voters – live

Trump calls January 6 a “beautiful day” during CNN’s town hall

Donald Trump and his likely 2024 rival, Ron DeSantis, will battle for voters at dueling events in Iowa today.

DeSantis, whose presidential campaign announcement could come at any moment, will spend the day shaking hands at a congressman’s annual picnic and then at an Iowa Republican Party fundraiser in Cedar Rapids.

Trump is holding an outdoor rally in Des Moines tonight, one that his campaign has insisted was not planned in response to DeSantis’s visit to the state.

It comes after Trump defended CNN over its chaotic appearance at town hall Wednesday night, saying the network did “the right thing” by giving him a mainstream media platform.

The former president also launched his appeal against the verdict in the E Jean Carroll case after he was found liable for sexual abuse and defamation earlier this week.

Meanwhile, Carroll, 79, said he could sue Trump a third time over his “vile” comments during Wednesday’s broadcast, saying The New York Times that his comments were “just stupid, it’s just disgusting, vile, disgusting, it hurts people.”


Trump cancels rally in Iowa

The Trump-DeSantis Iowa showdown will have to be another day.

Donald Trump announced Saturday afternoon that he is canceling his Des Moines rally today due to tornado warnings in Iowa.

“Stay tuned, we will be rescheduling soon,” Trump wrote on Truth Social on Saturday. “Take care out there!”

jose marcusMay 13, 2023 20:55


FBI raids Trump Tower condo owned by two Russian businessmen

A squad of FBI agents, assisted by local police, carried out the raid Thursday morning on the luxurious waterfront skyscraper, the miami herald reports.

The search target, Unit 4102, is owned by a shell company, MIC-USA LLC, controlled by Oleg Sergeyevich Patsulya and Agunda Konstantinovna Makeeva, according to state records.

On Friday, a spokesman for the FBI’s Miami field office said the office “was conducting court-ordered law enforcement activities in the vicinity of that location.”

Oliver O’Connell has the full story.

jose marcusMay 13, 2023 20:33


Was Ron DeSantis’ campaign over before it even started?

Ron DeSantis, once touted as a serious rival to Donald Trump in 2024, may be losing the Republican race even before formally entering.

A new profile in The New York Times details how Mr. DeSantis has failed to capture the minds of donors and allies in politics in the same way that Donald Trump has.

Some argue that this is because DeSantis is in a bubble, in a large conservative majority in Florida, where his schedule passes quickly and where he avoids interviews with a hint of scrutiny.

“The Murdochs encapsulated it in a bubble and force-fed it to a conservative audience,” Steve Bannon, a former Trump strategist, told the newspaper. He has not been scraped. He hasn’t had these questions put on his grill.”

Others say the Florida governor is wavering because he waited too long to enter the 2024 race, miscalculating that a bag full of legislative accomplishments would be a boost. The delay, according to this line of thinking, gave Donald Trump too much time to attack.

jose marcus13 May 2023 19:59


In Iowa, DeSantis criticizes the ‘culture of losing’ and the ‘excuses’ of the GOP

Ron DeSantis is in Iowa today and had some choice words for the Republican party, including what could be a not-so-subtle attack on his 2024 challenger, Trump.

“We must reject the culture that has infected our party in recent years,” DeSantis told the crowd at the Sioux Center. “The time for excuses is over. We have to show the courage to lead and the strength to win.”

The Florida governor, who has not formally announced a presidential campaign but appears to be running one anyway, said the key to a 2024 GOP victory is to look ahead.

“If we make the 2024 election a referendum on Joe Biden and his failures, and if we provide a positive alternative for the future of this country, Republicans will win across the board,” he continued. “If we don’t do that, if we get distracted, if we focus on the past election or other issues, then I think the Democrats are going to beat us again.”

The comments could be seen as a jab at Trump, who always focuses on grievances about the past, including the repeated and false claim that he won the 2020 election, even three years later.

jose marcusMay 13, 2023 7:30 p.m.


Did CNN promise Trump friendly guests in exchange for his high-profile appearance at town hall?

that’s the last of The Guardian.

They secured their participation, several people close to the former president told the newspaper, because it was understood that their presence would mean more pro-Trump guests on CNN.

The network denied such a quid pro quo.

jose marcus13 May 2023 19:00


Fallout continues for CNN over Trump’s town hall

Critics continue to blast CNN for staging an in-depth primetime Trump event.

On MSNBC on Saturday, host Joy Reid called the event a “MAGA version of the Jerry Springer show” and said those who defend the network’s decision are making “straw man arguments.”

Watch his full monologue below.

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Donald Trump Jr Attacks E Jean Carroll After Rape Trial Verdict

This week, Donald Trump was found responsible for sexually abusing writer E Jean Carroll and then defaming her by claiming she lied about it.

That hasn’t stopped Trump or his sons from going after the former. elle magazine columnist.

On Saturday, Donald Trump, Jr., claimed on Twitter that the case was a “successful political job” because Carroll once wrote on Facebook that she was a fan of The newbiethe former president’s once-popular reality show.

jose marcus13 May 2023 18:00


Trump told more than 2 lies per minute at CNN’s town hall

Donald Trump reportedly told more than two lies per minute at his recent CNN town hall, according to the Lincoln Project.

The conservative anti-Trump advocacy group released an ad Saturday claiming the former president lied 139 times during the 61-minute event.

CNN has been widely condemned for harboring the town hall, which critics say gave Trump an uncritical forum to continue spreading false information on issues like the 2020 election. Here it is. Andres FeinbergReport on the aftermath of the event from CNN.

jose marcusMay 13, 2023 5:30 p.m.


FBI agents raid Trump Towers condominium unit in Florida

The FBI searched a unit inside the Trump Towers development in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, on The New Herald reports.

The $1.65 million unit is owned by a shell company controlled by two Russian businessmen, Oleg Sergeyevich Patsulya and Agunda Konstantinovna Makeeva.

The FBI told the newspaper the search was “court-ordered police activity in the vicinity of that location.”

“I can’t talk about it,” Mr. Patsulya told the Herald. “Lawyer [for my husband] He said not to talk to anyone. … I have no idea what it is.

The former president signed a license agreement in 2016 with the real estate development to place his name on the 45-story condominium unit.

jose marcus13 May 2023 17:00


Pollsters Learn Lesson: Don’t Write Trump Off

Who will win in 2024? We won’t know until next November.

In the meantime, we will have to trust the pollsters.

Politics professionals are reportedly adjusting their methodologies ahead of the upcoming presidential election, after continuing to be surprised by Donald Trump’s success, first in defeating Hillary Clinton in 2016, then when he competed with Joe Biden much closer to projected in 2020.

“It looks a lot like Trump will be on the ballot,” Democratic pollster Andrew Baumann told Politico. “So all of that is back with a vengeance.”

jose marcus13 May 2023 16:32



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