Trump calls January 6 a “beautiful day” during CNN’s combative town hall

Former President Donald Trump doubled down on his support for his fans who attacked the US Capitol during a controversial CNN public forum on Wednesday, where Trump slammed moderator Kaitlan Collins and repeated numerous falsehoods.

During Wednesday night’s broadcast, the president enjoyed a friendly audience that was receptive to both his continued lies about fraud in the 2020 election and his promise to pardon some of the indicted January 6 rioters. by the Department of Justice.

And he spoke enthusiastically about the day his supporters stormed the steps of American democracy and fought with police while shouting threats, insults and slander.

“It was a beautiful day,” he said, adding that his fans “were there with love in their hearts” as they left dozens of injured police officers and chanted death threats against lawmakers as they marched through the Capitol.

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