Trump Attacks Special Counsel Jack Smith In Post-Impeachment Speech With Bizarre Claim

During his first public comments since the 49-page, 37-count indictment against him was unsealed, Donald Trump again lashed out at special counsel Jack Smith, the lead prosecutor in the Mar-a-Lago classified documents investigation.

Speaking at the state convention of the Republican Party in Columbus, Georgia, the former president and current presidential candidate delivered a meandering speech weaving together his apparent disbelief regarding the charges against him.

As with all his enemies, political or judicial, Trump has already veered into personal attacks on the people involved in his Truth Social social media platform, but he relished his first opportunity to speak to a large crowd of entranced supporters.

After calling the impeachment a “successful political job” and stating that “Republicans are treated very differently in the Department of Justice than Democrats are,” Trump pondered whether Smith had changed his name.

“You know I’m talking about Jack Smith. What do you think his name used to be? I don’t know…he sounds so innocent. He is upset.

The former president did not stop there. He continued: “Unhinged Jack Smith and I saw him come up and talk yesterday. He spoke for about two and a half minutes. He was shaking. He was so scared. He didn’t want to be there. Because in the end, these are cowards. They are cowards.

He added: “And he is a big hater of Trump, he is openly a hater of Trump. And his wife hates Trump even more. I wish you good luck. But he hates Trump badly and she hates Trump badly.”

Trump returned to the subject of his accusations a couple of times during the speech, which went on much longer than expected as he reveled in applause from the crowd, which booed and jeered the mention of his political opponents.

The federal indictment against the former president outlines 37 counts related to withholding classified information, willful withholding of national defense information, conspiracy to obstruct justice and more.

The indictment was unsealed on Friday afternoon (June 9), revealing the Justice Department’s findings after a nearly year-long investigation into Trump’s retention of classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago property.

Last August, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) seized boxes of documents from Trump’s home, some of which included top-secret records detailing a foreign nation’s nuclear capabilities.

As the former president raged against the impeachment online Friday, Smith delivered a televised address from the Justice Department, as mentioned by Trump in remarks on Saturday.

Smith emphasized that laws intended to “protect national defense information are critical to the security of the United States. And they must be fulfilled”.

“Violations of those laws put our country at risk. Adherence to the rule of law is a founding tenet of the Department of Justice and our nation’s commitment to the rule of law is an example to the world,” she added. “We have a set of laws in this country and they apply to everyone.”

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