Tiny Toons Looniversity Trailer: Buster Bunny and the Gang are Finally Back – /Film

The sneak peek reads more like a commercial for Looniversity, which has been training the best cartoons in the business since 1933. It’s a random mix of gags and quick gags, but it’s effective. It has that wacky, wacky quality that the original show had, which helped set it apart a bit from the main “Looney Tunes” cartoons. A synopsis for the show was revealed when it was originally announced in 2020, which reads as follows:

Babs, Buster Bunny and the rest of the gang follow their comedic ambitions all the way to Acme Looniversity, the esteemed hijinx institution of higher learning, where young dreamers become career toons. Here they form lasting friendships with one another and hone their cartoonish art while studying with history’s greatest cartoon characters, the Looney Tunes.

Cartoon Network and Max are quite committed to the show, giving it a two-season order, with the legendary Steven Spielberg returning once again as executive producer. It’s not yet known what the episode order is for each season, but it’s still relatively rare these days for a show to get a multi-season commitment up front. Spielberg has a pretty good track record in the TV animation department, having also worked on “Animaniacs.” Sam Register, president of Warner Bros. Animation and Cartoon Network Studios, as well as Amblin Television co-presidents Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank will also serve as executive producers.

“Tiny Toons Looniversity” premieres on Cartoon Network and Max this fall.

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