The viral summer food trend taking over TikTok: ‘The best treat on those hot days’

A food trend taking over social media has been criticized as “too much work,” but others are singing its praises from the rooftops.

A TikToker known on the social media platform as @feelgoodfoodie dedicates her platform to trying out new recipes.

In 2020, he shared his first video creating watermelon fries, and the tasty summertime dish went viral once again, now with a dipping sauce.

Essentially, the dish consists of watermelon cut into sticks and accompanied by yogurt.

@FeelGoodFoodie’s original dip consisted of yogurt, Tajín and honey, but this time it’s strawberries, yogurt and honey mixed together in an almost runny consistency.

The dish consists of watermelon fries cut into crinkle shapes and combined with yogurt.

This time, he used a wavy cutter to make the watermelon look like wavy cut hot chips.

She said the remake was her son’s favorite snack, and the video drew more than 1.3 million views.

Another TikTok user known as @momlifewithlaura also created the dish, saying it would be her new favorite dessert to bring to summer barbecues.

Yogurt is added as a dipping sauce for the fries.
Yogurt is added as a dipping sauce for the fries.

Other versions do away with the sauce entirely, instead garnishing the watermelon with Tarjin, which is a chili-salt-lime seasoning mix, and limes.

Meanwhile, user @.cookwithbrooke stuck with the original recipe once shared online by @feelgoodfoodie, opting for high-protein Greek yogurt and Tajin to go with it.

User @sellingthesuburbs called it the “best treat on those hot days” and made a coconut lime dip with his dish.

    wavy watermelon with whipped cream.
Another user paired the wavy-cut watermelon with whipped cream.
TikTok/@selling the suburbs

But not everyone was impressed with the creation, with some saying it was too much work to bear fruit.

“Why all this work for the watermelon?” asked one social media user.

Another added: “It looks good but it’s too much work for me.”

“I prefer plain watermelon, otherwise the flavor is camouflaged by the yogurt and strawberries,” said another.

One added: “I would put chamoy and tajin for the dip in my opinion, but it works both ways.”

Another social media user suggested: “Lime juice on top instead of sauce! TRUST ME.”

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