The Twilight Phenomenon Was Stupid Lightning In A Stupid Bottle No Revival Can Capture – /Film

Explaining why the “Twilight” reboot is nonsense requires an understanding of the “Twilight” phenomenon in the first place, which is something a lot of people think they know it, but most don’t really know it. The “Twilight” books were released annually from 2005 to 2008, the same year that Summit Entertainment released the first “The Twilight Saga” film. Even before the movie was announced, there were as many vocal haters of the books as there were fans.

“Harry Potter” fans were constantly annoyed by comparisons between witchcraft and vampirism, and the romantic plot of “Twilight” appealed to a female-dominated fanbase, which meant that liking “Twilight” put a target on one’s back. of any man who shared even a passage. interest. Hating “Twilight” was seen as cool, and many people used the “Twilight” movies as an excuse to express misogynistic thoughts and behavior. People loved bashing “Twilight” so much that it even got its own parody movie in 2010, “Vampires Suck.”

I personally have an extremely complicated history with “Twilight.” I got my first professional horror writing signature in 2009 when I was 18, and many of the old guard online movie critic idiots loved to equate me to “Twilight,” convinced that a teenager couldn’t appreciate horror unless it was of the teen romance variety. In an uncertain quest for “legitimacy” in my field, I became one of the franchise’s most vocal haters, even devoting an entire “Twatlight” section on my now-defunct website to sarcastically mocking it. The result is that I became a beacon to which such misogynists pointed. A way for them to say, “Look, I’m not being sexist by violently trashing this movie and its fan base because this teen doesn’t like it either.”

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