The time The Mandalorian Set fell victim to Grand Theft Camera – /Film

The theft was originally reported by The Blast, which reported that a source said a lot of “expensive equipment” was stolen from the set and that it was believed to have happened at night after shooting wrapped for the day. The report states that both Lucasfilm and local police launched investigations and that the people questioned on set were the ones operating the camera equipment. The site added that the fear was the disappearance of “sensitive information”, and one could assume that they would be images that could have shown us the little green man or other spoilers.

A THR report the next day (October 25, 2018) stated that police had been called on Thursday, October 20, 2018 at 11 a.m. for a “major robbery” and were sent to investigate. What was taken was not confirmed by police, and Lucasfilm did not make a statement. We know that no recording was made public and there does not appear to have been any follow-up.

I contacted the Manhattan Beach Police Records Department to inquire about the results of the investigation. They told me that while they could not disclose the details “pursuant to Government Code section 7923.660,” they did have some information. They stated:

“The property was returned and studies did not pursue the matter further. No arrests have been made and our investigation is complete.”

While we may never know exactly what was taken, whether it was accidental or just handled internally, at least the surprise remained.

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