The story of Adam Warlock in the Marvel Universe – /Film

After the events of “The Infinity Gauntlet”, a collection of deities (called “cosmic beings” in Marvel lore) judged that Adam Warlock was also not responsible enough to handle the six Infinity Gems, and he was forced to distribute them. to a collection. of guardians. Gamore received the Time Stone, Drax received the Power Stone, and Pip the Troll received the Space Stone. Adam kept the soul gem, as he had used it in the past. The Mind Stone was given to a character named Moondragon, yet to be seen in the MCU, and the Reality Stone was given to a newly humiliated Thanos. “Warlock and the Infinity Watch”, which ran from 1992 to 1995. It was this author’s favorite comic.

The Warlock stories were most often written by prolific comic book author Jim Starlin, who most often penned Marvel Comics’ most heady “cosmic” stories. Warlock was aloof, emotionally cold, and always contemplative. He would fight as well as any comic book superhero, but he wasn’t a hothead or a bully. Adam Warlock was convinced of his own superiority because, well, he was created to be superior. This led to many excellent character conflicts with his teammates, whom he always considered inferior. He was a superman, but in the Nietzschean sense, quietly confident in his abilities and in the power of his mind. Eventually, he expelled both “good” and “evil” from his soul, truly making him Beyond Good and Evil.

The film version of Adam Warlock possesses the aloof, aloof qualities of his on-page counterpart, but, as director James Gunn likes to do, he morphs into a lighter, more comedic character. He’s still funny, but he’s a new wizard for a new generation.

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