The McDonald’s logo has a sexy hidden meaning, and fans are shocked

Are you McLovin’ the McDonald’s logo too?

The alleged sexually shocking double meaning of the iconic Golden Arches, one of the most recognizable symbols in the world today, is recirculating on the internet.

Many assume that the McDonald’s logo is simply a massive “M” to represent the fast food chain’s name.

However, one expert claimed that the symbol also represents a mother’s nurturing breasts when viewed upside down.

The theory was reportedly first put forward publicly in 2001 by author Eric Schlosser in his groundbreaking book “Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal.”

Kidspot, an Australian parenting and lifestyle publication, reiterated the theory in a recent TikTok video and reignited the conversation, with some people suggesting it’s “good ad” or, conversely, a “bull charge–t!

Another Twitter user apparently thought it was quite effective, writing:: “My stomach growled when I saw the McDonald’s logo. I wonder if that’s a sign.

According to Schlosser, McDonald’s bosses considered changing their logo in the 1960s.

The company hired design consultant and psychologist Louis Cheskin to help them rebrand, but he advised the team to keep the Golden Arches and revealed their hidden meaning.

A TikTok video has revived the theory of the sexual significance of the Golden Arches.

Leah Goulis, Lifestyle Editor at
The theory was first presented by author Eric Schlosser in “Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal.”
TikTok/Leah Goulis

Cheskin explained that when flipped over, the “M” for McDonald’s looked like a pair of breasts that subliminally drew customers to the burger joint.

The psychology aligns with the Freudian belief that humans are sexually driven.

The designer convinced McDonald’s bosses not to change their logo, claiming that “sex sells”

He insisted that the logo represented “Mother McDonald’s breasts” and that the “motherly” element of the brand subliminally comforted potential customers and nudged them toward self-service., posted a TikTok video claiming there is a hidden meaning behind McDonald's
The logo supposedly depicts “Mother McDonald’s breasts” when turned upside down.
TikTok/Leah Goulis

While the popular fast food chain decided not to rebrand in the ’60s, it recently announced some new changes to some of its staple items.

McDonald’s seeks to boost sales by improving classic menu items such as the Big Mac and the double cheeseburger.

The Chicago-based fast-food giant plans to roll out “softer and fluffier” golden buns, stickier cheese, and a “juicier, more caramelized” flavor, as the onions will be placed on the patties while they’re still on the grill.

The Big Mac is also getting, well, spicier, as the item will come covered in more of its fan-favorite coverage.

A view shows a sign outside a McDonald's self-service restaurant in London
The McDonald’s logo is one of the most recognizable global symbols, as the golden arches attract customers from all over the world.

The restaurant chain has been testing the additions in a few US markets, including Los Angeles, Seattle, Denver, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Tucson, Sacramento and Portland, Oregon.

The changes come after the company laid off hundreds of employees at its corporate offices and cut the salaries and benefits of others last month.

McDonald’s also announced that it would close its field offices as part of a company-wide restructuring.

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