The Marvels will show that Captain Marvel has become a workaholic since Avengers: Endgame – /Film

The absence of Captain Marvel in several films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is something that Larson decided to make a character trait. Being a famous Oscar-winning actress, Larson can relate to being away from home for long periods of time while she works in a distant location. Work slows down family, and losing touch becomes an unfortunately natural outcrop of one’s life. larson said:

“The way I was able to tap into it and understand it is the concept of Carol becoming a workaholic and losing touch with her heart, her family and her friends. […] That’s certainly something I can relate to.”

Parris plays the role of Monica Rambeau, a character Captain Marvel befriended when Monica was still a child. By the events of “The Marvels”, she has already grown up and has developed her own superpowers. Captain Marvel doesn’t seem to age, which means her prolonged absences from her Earth will cause the characters to grow up without her. This is something “The Marvels” will also address, as the adult Monica will need to reestablish her relationship with Carol. Parris said:

“Carol is such an important part of Monica’s life in ‘Captain Marvel. When we see her in ‘Wanda Vision, ‘ You get the feeling that she hasn’t talked to Carol in a long time. So we have to address the elephant in the room.”

However, Monica is not as old as one might think. Five years of her life were left in stasis thanks to the Marvel event known as the Blip. She was dead during that time and then rose again.

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