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The Last Of Us Season 2: Could Laura Bailey Play Abby Again? The creators weigh in – /Film

But what made “The Last of Us Part 2” so divisive is also what makes it such a masterpiece. Not all post-apocalyptic stories force empathy for even the most hated characters.

The Abby in the game was a mix of Bailey’s performance and Jocelyn Mettler’s face mixed together and brought to life by the talented designers and programmers at Naughty Dog. There have been calls from fans for Mettler to cast the role and some other fans have suggested actresses Mary Krantz, Shannon Berry (“The Wilds”) and Katy O’Brien (who co-starred with Pedro Pascal in “The Mandalorian”).

But ultimately, Mazin and Druckmann will have to find the best actor for the role, someone who can capture Abby’s nuance and soul, as well as looks. They know what they’ll need from her actor, and they also know that if there’s one crucial casting piece for “The Last of Us” season 2, it’s Abby Anderson. They can’t get away with someone “more or less” right for the role, they will have to find someone who is the perfect embodiment of this character live, just as they did with Bella Ramsey, Pedro Pascal and Gabriel Luna in the first film. season.

If I were a punter, I’d say you’ll see more of Laura Bailey in the upcoming season, but she won’t be playing her video game counterpart. Maybe they’ll zoom in on her nurse cameo of hers and jump from there or maybe they’ll cook up something even juicier for her, but I’m sure we’ll see her again.



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