The identical twin sisters have a ‘bond like no other’: their girlfriends even live in the same apartment.

Identical twin sisters who are so closely related that they share the same sexual identity cannot bear to be apart for more than 24 hours, with their girlfriends even living with them in the same apartment.

Lyndsey and Louise Scott, 23, were born in Liverpool, UK, and for 18 years they never spent more than 24 hours apart.

“If one of us had a slumber party, the other would come or we wouldn’t both go. We shared a room for 18 years. We are 99 per cent the same,” Lyndsey told the Daily Star.

The unison of the two is so intact that Lyndsey says that being around her sister is like “having another brain”, since they both share the same taste in fashion, music and even allergies.

“We are allergic to the exact same things: as a baby I took penicillin and my head doubled in size, so Louise was never allowed to have it,” he told the outlet.

Louise and Lyndsey Scott’s bond as identical twins requires them to be involved in all aspects of each other’s lives.
Courtesy of Louise Scott/SWNS

The girls are so close that when Louise enrolled to study at Liverpool University in 2017, her sister Lyndsey moved into her sister’s bedroom so their “bond like no other” would be broken.

“We love the idea of ​​being twins,” the sisters said, expressing how attached they are to each other.

But their “fun and chaotic” relationship broke down in 2018.

Boys twins.
For 18 years, the girls lived in the same bedroom and were inseparable.
Courtesy of Louise Scott/SWNS

Louise decided to study abroad in Kingston, Canada, and for the first time in 18 years, the dynamic identical twin duo spent four long months apart.

“Now we live and work together. We have experienced everything in life together,” Lyndsey told the outlet.

The twins, who are lifestyle content creators, now live and work together in Liverpool with no plans to part ways.

Twins on the train.
Aside from being four months apart during college, the twins now live and experience everything together.
Courtesy of Louise Scott/SWNS

The twins are passionate about almost everything together, including their taste in fashion.
Courtesy of Louise Scott/SWNS

They continue to strengthen their relationship and even include their romantic lives into the equation.

Both sisters are openly gay, and Lyndsey’s girlfriend Rose, an inspiring 25-year-old actress, lives with the twins in their apartment.

Lousie’s partner, Jenuelle, a 21-year-old who works in music management, always stays at the apartment.

The girls revealed how important it was to them to find partners who get along with not just one but both, seeing how the twins are unwilling to have any more interruptions in each other’s lives because they are “99% the same.” ”

Identical twins share a deep understanding of each other that strangers cannot comprehend.

Studies have found that identical twins are more likely to feel closer relatedness and experience less conflict than fraternal twins or normal siblings, according to the International Association for Relationship Research.

“For 23 years of our lives, we’ve always had the exact same haircut and color, except when Louise went wild and went rose gold,” Lyndsey said.

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