The Flash director Andy Muschietti kept his horror experience out of the movie – /Film

“You don’t see a lot of horror in this one because there wasn’t a place for it,” Andy Muschietti said, before adding that he didn’t really have to switch gears between working as a horror director and as a superhero director. “In every film, I approach it first from an emotional angle, and if that core is powerful enough, then it’s worth telling a story around it. And I think that’s going to happen in every genre I do. I like a lot of genres.” . I’m not married to horror.”

It’s not like Andy Muschietti absolutely has to bring horror to every project he does. However, considering that he actually primarily dealt with that genre and the number of horror filmmakers transitioning into superhero movies who also brought a touch of horror to the genre (like James Wan), it’s not so crazy to think he would find a way. to marry the two genres with “The Flash.”

Even outside of his film work on the two movies “It” and “Mama,” Muschietti also set about mixing horror with drama and fantasy in his take on “Locke & Key” before it went in a different direction, albeit he stayed on as executive producer. It was even supposed to make a live-action adaptation of the horror-fantasy-drama manga and anime giant, “Attack on Titan,” which hasn’t happened, and since we haven’t heard anything, it’s unlikely that happen.

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