The fate of Shauna’s baby in Yellowjackets season 2 is key to her character development – /Film

Understanding what happened with the loss of her first child in the Canadian wilderness helps explain adult Shauna’s relationship with her teenage daughter Callie (Sarah Desjardins) later on. It gives depth to why Shauna consciously or unconsciously chooses to distance herself emotionally from Callie.

“Shauna can’t afford to fully love the child she has at present,” Jonathan Lisco continued. “It made a lot more sense to her that what prevented her from reaching out and embracing the mothering relationship with Callie is the trauma that she went through.”

That trauma has caused Shauna to act out in other ways, including but not limited to having an affair with Adam (Peter Gadiot) and murdering him in “Yellowjackets” season 1. Needless to say, this has affected Shauna’s family, putting her husband Jeff (Warren Kole) and Callie in the crosshairs of the police and leaving Jeff to channel his own negative emotions through Papa Roach.

Even in less dire circumstances, before her soccer team’s fateful plane crash, teenage Shauna had a dark side that manifested in ways that were destructive to her and others. In civilization, Jeff was the boyfriend of her best friend and Shauna got pregnant by him behind Jackie’s back. Now, Shauna’s ongoing struggle to avoid the doom and sadness that surrounds those around her also involves processing the grief of a stillborn child. It’s unthinkable but beyond their control, and the ability to convey such intense emotions is just one reason why Sophie NĂ©lisse and Melanie Lynskey continue to prove to be one of the best dual casting decisions on “Yellowjackets.”

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