The biggest reveal in Mrs. Davis shakes the reality of the entire show – /Film

Yes, you guessed it: Jay is actually Jesus, and Simone herself confirms this when the couple remembers when they agreed to get married. Jay asks her what she said when she proposed to him, to which she replies, “I said yes, Jesus.” The show subtly hinted at this historically accurate portrayal of the nun in the lead up to this moment, when Simone and her mother superior (played by Margo Martindale) have a late-night drink alone on her birthday. She admitted to Mom that she was secretly with a man, but there was no sex in her relationship: an important hint if I ever heard one, especially considering the obvious love Simone and Jay have for each other.

For some cultural background, it used to be acceptable, and widely adopted, for nuns to consider themselves “married” to Jesus or to the church itself, but the concept is definitely controversial in the year of our lord 2023. That said, the show seems to be literalizing that strong bond in a way that feels truly representative of how Jay functions in Simone’s life, as well as the world’s connection to Ms. Davis, the series’ overarching AI program. Jay is always there when Simone needs him, and it seems she can return to the restaurant to consult him no matter where or when the need for advice arises. When you think about it, Jay (or Jesus) is, in many ways, in direct competition with the man-made Mrs. Davis, which she seeks to replace and become the religious center of human life. Mrs. Davis is looking for God’s seat and is already doing a good job of wresting it away from him.

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