Ted Lasso’s Piggy Stardust was a nod to Brendan Hunt’s real-life past – /Film

In the Amsterdam episode, each character has a somewhat unrepeatable experience during their overnight stay. For Rebecca, it’s a whirlwind romance. For Roy and Jamie, it’s a chance to build a real bond…and learn to ride a stolen bike. For Ted, it’s a chance to see things differently through the gift of self-reflection. It makes sense that Beard’s evening would include something as unique as playing in a “Piggy Stardust” cover band with a bunch of non-English speaking locals.

Hunt’s character is now known for this type of outlandish behavior, which really came to light in the season 2 episode “Beard After Hours”. It was obviously written to resemble Scorsese’s 1985 film, but it highlighted a quality in Beard that had long been hinted at: recklessness. Mind you, this is “Ted Lasso,” so ultimately it’s all lighthearted to a degree, but the point still stands. Beard is crazy, and he’s quick to end up in the craziest place you can think of—or, for that matter, not think.

It’s no surprise that Hunt seems just as wild in his real life as he does as Ted’s partner in crime, and it’s great fun that it seeps into not just the little nuances of the character but the trajectories of the show as a whole. In fact, the “Ted Lasso” crew is doing pretty well with a little bit of chaos, better than they’re given credit for.

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