Ted Lasso’s Phil Dunster is staunchly against a romantic reunion of Jamie and Keeley – /Film

The actor spoke to GameMe about his character arc in season 3 and revealed that he thinks Keeley and Jamie work better together in their current iteration, as a surprisingly charming kind of mentor relationship, than as a couple. “There’s always the desire for intimate relationships between the characters on screen, as we like that direct payoff,” Dunster told the outlet. “But this is a more lasting and realistic example of what someone can teach another person.” Over the seasons, Jamie has morphed from total tool to the show’s biggest love, and Keeley’s guidance as an ex, friend, and PR person has helped him through.

“Keeley has always been able to teach Jamie from a place of love: he can be wrong, but that’s okay, that’s what happens,” Dunster said. “I think we all have a platonic relationship in our lives that has taught us things we didn’t know about ourselves and never led to anything deeper than that.” While I’ve personally been frustrated with the way “Ted Lasso” sometimes buys into romantic fairy tale endings, I appreciate that Keeley and Jamie didn’t get that. Plus, love is complex sometimes, and the cute constellation of Keeley, Jamie, and Roy is just as adorable as a combination of any two of them.

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