New York dog expert calls White House BS blaming ‘stress’ for Commander’s biting problem

It’s a dog-eat-dog world, but that doesn’t give pet owners in the Big Apple, or even the White House, license to let their aggressive pups run wild. President Joe Biden’s nearly 2-year-old German shepherd, Commander, is being accused of biting at least seven of his Secret Service employees. The most egregious documented incident, which occurred … Read more

Salute to the Chef: WH Cooks Up Dishes About Presidents’ Food Secrets

Chef Andre Rush served as White House chef for Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump, and he knows their culinary secrets. Two of the commanding officers enjoyed eating hamburgers. “Like with Trump. . . he liked hamburgers,” Rush, 49, told The Post. “But at the same time, Bill Clinton also loved … Read more

Kim Kardashian insists she can ‘really’ cook after daughter calls her out for having a ‘chef’

Kim Kardashian insists she can “really” cook after youngest daughter Chicago West called her out for having a private chef. The reality star-turned-billionaire took to Instagram on Monday to share a series of snaps from one of her visits to the White House in July 2019. The carousel began with a shot of Kardashian standing … Read more

Why did Ariana Madix remove Meghan McCain from the White House dinner photo?

Ariana Madix appeared to belittling Meghan McCain by removing her from a photo taken at a White House Correspondents Association dinner kick-off party on Friday. However, the “Vanderpump Rules” star’s rep told Page Six exclusively on Saturday that it was all a misunderstanding and the removal of the former “The View” co-host was “inadvertent.” “I … Read more

McCarthy asks Republicans to support debt ceiling plan | CNN Politics

CNN — Speaker Kevin McCarthy called on House Republicans during a closed-door meeting Tuesday morning to back his debt ceiling plan, telling them that while it doesn’t have to include everything they want, it will help him get to the negotiating table with the president. Joe Biden. McCarthy also told members that once he’s on … Read more

McCarthy Unveils GOP Debt Limit Plan on Wall Street Visit | CNN Business

NY CNN — Speaker Kevin McCarthy previewed Monday what he hopes House Republicans may pass in the coming weeks to raise the debt ceiling during a speech on the New York Stock Exchange. “So here is our plan: In the coming weeks, the House will vote on a bill to raise the debt ceiling through … Read more

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp says the GOP can’t be “distracted” by Trump investigations if it wants to win in 2024 | CNN Politics

CNN — Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has a message for his fellow Republicans seeking to take back the White House: “We can’t get distracted.” “We have to tell people, No. 1, what we are for. No. 2, that we will focus on the future and what we will do for the voters of our state … Read more

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp Urges Republicans To Put Voter Fraud Claims Behind: ‘2020 Is Ancient History’ | CNN Politics

CNN — Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp on Saturday urged his fellow Republicans to put the 2020 presidential election behind them, offering a subtle hint about former President Donald Trump and his ongoing electoral grievances. Without naming Trump, Kemp told a private Republican National Committee donor retreat in Nashville that “not a single swing voter in … Read more

4 takeaways from Biden’s trip to Ireland | CNN Politics

Dublin, Ireland CNN — As so many Americans do each year, President Joe Biden returned to Ireland this week in search of his roots, searching for some connection and some answers in the land his people left behind so many years ago. He found it in the pubs but also in Parliament, which he said … Read more

Biden Administration to Propose New Privacy Guarantees for Women Seeking Abortions | CNN Politics

CNN — The US Department of Health and Human Services will propose a new rule on Wednesday, intended to safeguard privacy and prohibit prosecution of people seeking abortions. The new rule proposal comes as Vice President Kamala Harris is set to convene a meeting of the interagency task force on reproductive rights at the White … Read more