My friend didn’t invite my baby to his wedding: it ruined our friendship

This wedding ended in an amicable divorce. A bride allegedly asked a woman not to bring her baby to the nuptials, but she brought her infant son anyway, fueling a debacle that has captivated the internet. An anonymous Redditor posted his riddle on the “Am I The A-hole” forum on Sunday, racking up more than … Read more

I only have months to live: my loved ones threw me the perfect wedding

It was a fairy tale wedding. When 32-year-old Emma Rice was given just months to live after being diagnosed with stage 4 terminal ovarian cancer, her UK community offered her childhood sweetheart the perfect wedding. He married Dava Rice, 34, on April 29 when local businesses offered a free venue, cake, photography and other amenities. … Read more

I bought my wedding dress at a thrift store for $20; worth $3,000

This dress was a definite “I do.” Olivia, who goes by @tinneyo on TikTok, found a new $3,000 wedding dress at a local thrift store, for just $20. The bride-to-be posted a 37-second clip, which now has over 560,000 views since May, sharing how she found out about the too-good-to-be-true deal. “I went to the … Read more

I love Barbie so much that I made all my wedding guests wear pink.

Upper East Side sweetheart Amy Littleson McNitt wanted her 193 wedding guests spruced up for her big day on February 11. So in her blush-tinged invites, the blonde encouraged attendees to think pink when choosing their outfit: Barbie pink, to be exact. “I love Barbie and pink has always been my favorite color,” Amy, 29, … Read more

My wedding dress was donated to Goodwill by accident, and I really want it back.

Her dress escaped from the altar. Rebecca Nguyen, a Southern California native, was devastated after realizing a family member accidentally donated her wedding dress to Goodwill, and now she’s asking the public for help getting it back. Nguyen wore the beaded, spaghetti-strap lace gown to her wedding in August 2017, and is on a desperate … Read more

I’m a girlfriend who lost her best friend because of my ‘nothing else’ rule: people say I’m crazy

Their wedded happiness was ruined by a dissident friendship. A bride has said goodbye to a friend of nearly a decade after forbidding the woman to bring her new groom as a chaperone to her 96-person wedding ceremony. And social media savages throw shade, instead of rice, at serious newlyweds. “I lost a friendship of … Read more

I’m a blind girlfriend: my ‘guestzillas’ complained about my guide dog’s hair

A blind woman said wedding guests labeled her a “bride” because they complain about everything, including her guide dog. Angharad Paget-Jones and her fiancé Stephen have a small wedding in November, but the “guestzillas” have already filed their fair share of complaints. “I find it quite amusing that I’ve been labeled a ‘bridezilla’ since only … Read more

I’m a Junkyard Owner – Helped Us Plan Our Dream Wedding on the Cheap

This couple really is rudimentary. Melissa Drabble, 40, and her husband Mark, 41, from England, were able to save thousands of dollars on their wedding after sourcing items from their own junkyard and junk-dealing business. The couple estimated that the entire party ended up costing them a total of £6k, around $7,400 in dollars. They … Read more

I have a strict dress code for my wedding: security will ‘refuse entry’

This dress code may not be well received. An Ohio bride-to-be has announced that she will require guests at her upcoming wedding to wear black. And if they don’t, “we will have a doorman who will deny entry.” Kiara De Jesus, who teaches students speech, is going viral for her outfit statement, which has invited … Read more

My mom’s friend wore a custom-made white dress to my wedding: ‘Clown’

They said yes to the dress. An embittered bride took to the “Wedding Shaming” Reddit community this week, claiming her mom’s friend showed up to her wedding wearing a custom-made white gown that resembled hers. He posted a photo showing a bride in a flowing, floral, V-neckline wedding dress standing next to her groom. Standing … Read more