New York woman who threw her 36G bra at Drake now in talks with Playboy

Maybe it was God’s Plan. A busty beauty who threw her 36G bra at Drake during his concert in New York City has been announced as Playboy’s new content creator. Veronica Correia, 21, became an overnight sensation after her spectacular stunt at the rapper’s “Hotline Bling” concert last week, prompting Playboy to take notice. “Playboy’s … Read more

Gender-neutral figures, mythical creature among the new suggested emojis

Smartphone users may soon see new gender-neutral figures, a citrus fruit, and a mythical creature on their emoji list. Unicode, the nonprofit organization behind the emoji creations, drafted “four new gender-neutral family emojis intended to be represented via silhouettes” possibly for its 15.1 update, reports Emojipedia, a popular blog that keeps up with modern hieroglyphs. … Read more

Beware: How Online Scammers Are Cashing In On The ‘Barbie’ Craze

They are thinking outside the box. Retailers and celebrity makeup artists aren’t the only ones cashing in on the success of the “Barbie” movie. Cybersecurity experts warn against online scammers using the cache of the summer blockbuster to steal banking information from legions of pink-pill-wielding moviegoers. “Cybercriminals are always looking for opportunities to make phishing … Read more

Don’t be fooled by the false ‘girls dinner’ fad, say food experts

Please calm down Roman. #GirlDinner has attracted more than 247 million views on TikTok, as young women share what they gathered to consume while watching their favorite show on the couch. Critics are sounding the alarm about the “disturbing new trend,” claiming that the videos show portions of food that are too small, even though … Read more

AI gives hilarious makeovers to Barbie and Ken to Biden and Princess Kate

Your favorite celebrities and politicians: “Barbified.” Have you ever wondered what President Joe Biden would look like in Barbie World? You’re in luck: An enterprising film editor is cashing in on the raging “Barbie” movie craze by giving the US President and other famous Mattel-inspired makeovers with the help of artificial intelligence. “I loved taking … Read more

‘Ghostlighting’ is the new sadistic dating trend that creates trust issues

The unfortunate marriage of ghosting and gaslighting has become the latest disturbing dating trend: “ghostlighting.” The dreaded combination of manipulation and disappearance is a double whammy for singles in the love market. “Gaslighting suggests that someone’s feeling or understanding is the problem. The ghost is when the communication ends abruptly,” dating coach Cher Gopman, aka … Read more

Brutal parody of ‘Try That in a Small Town’ by ‘racist’ Jason Aldean goes viral

If lyrics could kill. A musician performing as Adeem the Artist left the internet in a frenzy after posting a concise parody from country superstar Jason Aldean’s divisive ditty, “Try That in A Small Town,” a song that has come under fire for so-called “pro-lynching” lyrics. The 35-year-old musician from Knoxville, Tennessee, whose real name … Read more

Don’t eat borax: Experts slam toxic TikTok trend as ‘blatantly dangerous’

You might remember the “life-threatening” Tide Pod challenge from 2018, in which people were challenged to eat the laundry detergent, leading to several deaths. Now there’s a new “crazy” trend online that could be even more dangerous: consuming borax, a laundry powder and pesticide. A handful of TikTok videos show people “hopping on the borax … Read more

Optical Illusion Reveals If You’re Too Stubborn Or Too Forgiving

It’s time to get personal. TikTok creator Mia Yilin has come up with a personality test that reveals whether someone is a friendly or sensitive person. He recently shared a viral video showing a green object that looked like a pair of lips and a leaf. The influencer explained that the way one views the … Read more

I’m an Interior Designer: The Pink Barbiecore Trend Has Gone Too Far

Life is not so fantastic in pink plastic. Despite the Barbiecore bonanza ahead of the highly anticipated “Barbie” movie, which opens Friday, July 21, not everyone is thinking pink. Fuchsia fans have drenched their closets and homes in a swath of magenta hues ever since the film’s titular stars Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling were … Read more