Europe and South America top the list of travel destinations for Americans: survey

If you’re planning to take a trip abroad, it may be time to start saving: The average international trip costs nearly $5,000, according to new research; but that doesn’t stop travelers. A survey of 2,000 internationally traveling Americans looked at their travel habits and found that, despite the cost, the average respondent has taken six … Read more

I booked an Airbnb for my family; I accidentally booked a whole hotel

A TikToker was shocked to discover that she accidentally booked an entire hotel for her family vacation in Bali, Indonesia. Jas posted a TikTok last week explaining how she got a hotel for her family of seven thinking she had booked a private villa. The video quickly went viral, racking up more than 3 million … Read more

Survey reveals how much money most Americans spend on vacations

The average American sets their vacation budget limit at $2,743, a new survey reveals. Interestingly, 16% won’t even spend more than $1,000 on vacation, according to a survey of 2,000 American travelers. Whatever the budget, American travelers are determined to go on vacation this year. Nearly half (48%) would rather take on additional work this … Read more

This popular swimming item may be putting your child’s life at risk

Katya Ileri’s little girl just wanted to swim with her brothers and her dad. The whole Turkish family had been jumping from a boat into aqua blue water, and the girl had bracelets on, so they thought she was safe. But in a terrifying video, Katya shows what can happen when kids don’t have safe … Read more

Say yes to #FlyingDress: billowy dresses take social media by storm

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a flying dress. The train of Adriannea Smith’s canary yellow gown blowing in the wind could be seen for miles as she posed against the backdrop of the Aegean Sea and the whitewashed rooftops and blue domes in Oia, the seaside town on the Greek island of Santorini. … Read more

How to Spot Scammers’ Clever Trick to Fool Even the Savviest of Travelers

Every new season, occasion, holiday, natural disaster, you name it, scammers work hard. The holiday seasons are one of her favorite times to jump. Some in-person criminals can spy on you outside and break in. Take steps to ensure that your home is not a target. Most cybercrimes target you when you schedule and pay … Read more

I Sneaked Into All-Inclusive Resorts With Old Wristbands To Party With My Kids For Free

Talk about a free-for-all that’s not for the whole family. A savvy mom prides herself on her latest parenting hack: wearing expired all-inclusive resort wristbands to enjoy food, drinks, and luxury facilities with her kids—for free. When Roxanne Balciunas revealed that her brood visited the Ramada Hotel & Suites in Kusadasi, Aydin, Turkey, from her … Read more

‘I’m Bored’: Kids Say It Once A Day – Here Are 7 Ways To Stop It

The two words that haunt all parents during school holidays: “I’m bored.” While many rely on the help of an iPad, smartphone or TV to quell their boredom, a new study has shown that kids utter the dreaded ‘B’ word seven times a week on average – and there’s a way to solve it without … Read more

Ex-Disney ‘Imagineer’ Says Theme Parks Have Become Too Stressful And Complex

A trip to the Walt Disney theme parks has been on the wish list of many American families for generations, as the experiences have become more attractive and parents seek to create memories their children will cherish for a lifetime. But there’s another side to visiting a destination where thousands of people want to attend … Read more

This hotel makes almost $30K a day, from just one drink

They say money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy a great cocktail for almost $30. At the luxurious Raffles Hotel in Singapore, there is a famous drink called the Singapore Sling that sells for $SGD 39 each, roughly $29 in USD. Now, it has been revealed how much they earn per day with that … Read more