The viral summer food trend taking over TikTok: ‘The best treat on those hot days’

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I booked an Airbnb for my family; I accidentally booked a whole hotel

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I lost 70 pounds in 7 months eating cookies and chips, no exercise

She had cookies, chips and ice cream, and now she’s down 70 pounds. A Maryland mother-of-son, who tipped the scales at 200 pounds by the end of 2022, has slimmed down to a trim 125 pounds by modifying her diet to include tasty, yet calorie- and carb-smart treats from a grocery store across the country. … Read more

I was not allowed to date until I was 16; I now have 12 children after being a teenage mother.

Britni Church was not allowed to date until she was 16 in her “strict Christian home” but ended up getting pregnant at 15. She married and gave birth shortly after her 16th birthday. Now, at 34, she is the mother of 12 children. In a TikTok series that has racked up millions of views, Church … Read more

My date with Bisagra was going so well, then he asked me to pop my pimple

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Don’t be fooled by the false ‘girls dinner’ fad, say food experts

Please calm down Roman. #GirlDinner has attracted more than 247 million views on TikTok, as young women share what they gathered to consume while watching their favorite show on the couch. Critics are sounding the alarm about the “disturbing new trend,” claiming that the videos show portions of food that are too small, even though … Read more

Gen Z mourns ‘time blindness’: Is being late a real medical condition?

Being chronically late isn’t just rude or inconvenient, it’s now considered a medical condition. Various medical experts have labeled the condition “time blindness” and associated it with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or other mental health problems. And while there are strategies and therapies that can help, some people who say they have the condition … Read more

Haters are constantly shaming my baby, they need to back off

Hear his roar. A self-described “mama bear” is hitting back at fatphobes who have criticized her 9-month-old daughter for being “full”. “In [my daughter’s] nine months into being alive, seven women have commented negatively on her body,” mother Arianna Schlossberg, 30, of Michigan, said in outrage on a trending TikTok. “I don’t mean ‘Oh look … Read more

Don’t eat borax: Experts slam toxic TikTok trend as ‘blatantly dangerous’

You might remember the “life-threatening” Tide Pod challenge from 2018, in which people were challenged to eat the laundry detergent, leading to several deaths. Now there’s a new “crazy” trend online that could be even more dangerous: consuming borax, a laundry powder and pesticide. A handful of TikTok videos show people “hopping on the borax … Read more