The first AI sex toy allows users to masturbate using only their mind

This AI powered sex toy will blow your mind. An erotic entrepreneur has invented a titillating toy that allows users to masturbate with their minds, all thanks to advances in artificial intelligence. Brian Sloan, who previously produced a male masturbation sleeve known as “Autoblow,” enlisted the help of a group of researchers to create the … Read more

New sex toy gets help from ChatGPT to narrate sexual fantasies

ChatGPT can be your new lover. Lovense, a brand known for its remote-controlled vibrators, has introduced a new sex toy for users to dream up their sexual fantasies with an AI hand. The brand has incorporated an artificial intelligence chatbot into its new product offering, the Advanced Lovense ChatGPT Pleasure Companion. Pleasure seekers can disclose … Read more

‘OC’ star Rachel Bilson confesses to her first orgasm: ‘It took a long time’

Rachel Bilson is once again candid about her sex life. “A lot of women feel like they can’t talk about whether they’re not having an orgasm or what helps them have an orgasm,” Bilson, 41, explained on a recent episode of her “Broad Ideas” podcast. “I didn’t have a vibrator until I was 30 years … Read more

I Helped My Dad Fix His Car Using NSFW Item: ‘Use It For Whatever You Want’

Who needs a wrench when you have a perfectly good dildo? A TikTok user in Spain went viral after she and her boyfriend managed to use a sex toy to fix a dent in her father’s Toyota. “I hope @Ángel Gaitán approves of this method,” the video’s caption reads, referring to a famous car mechanic … Read more

‘Married at First Sight’ star uses girlfriend’s sex toy as milk frother: ‘Tastes weird’

It caused quite a stir. Controversial “Married at First Sight” star Dean Wells caused quite a stir Wednesday after posting a video of himself using his girlfriend’s vibrator as a way to froth his milk. In the video that was posted on Instagram, Wells, 45, explains that the “frother”, actually an Eff Yes Me Time … Read more

Gwyneth Paltrow Sells Goop Anal Sex Toy as a Father’s Day Gift

Gwyneth Paltrow once said she’d “rather die” than let her kids eat Cup-a-Soup, but it seems she’s in no doubt about a Father’s Day sex toy. In a new Father’s Day gift guide posted on his infamous wellness website, Goop, the health hawk includes a $219 prostate vibrator for daddy darling. The sleek product, dubbed … Read more

My roommate borrowed my vibrator – it was so ‘crazy’ I had to move

Here only bad vibes. A horrified Miami woman went viral on TikTok after accusing her roommate of taking her vibrator in the “craziest experience” she’s ever had. The TikToker, who goes by Max and posts under the username @modmaxxx, garnered more than 3.2 million views on the three-part saga this month as she shared her … Read more

Princess Diana, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle lead requests for celebrity sex dolls

There are a shocking number of bawdy royalists out there. A leading adult toy company has revealed that Princess Diana, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are among its top requests for celebrity sex dolls. Toy makers in Inferno say they are inundated with requests for life-size toys that look similar, but the company’s chief executive … Read more