The first AI sex toy allows users to masturbate using only their mind

This AI powered sex toy will blow your mind. An erotic entrepreneur has invented a titillating toy that allows users to masturbate with their minds, all thanks to advances in artificial intelligence. Brian Sloan, who previously produced a male masturbation sleeve known as “Autoblow,” enlisted the help of a group of researchers to create the … Read more

‘Great Sex’ Can Happen If You Have These Three Things – Experts

He got over it! A mind-blowing new study published in the journal Sexuality & Culture pinpointed the three factors that contribute to “great sex.” Researchers at Missouri State University conducted interviews with 78 sexually active participants of varying ages, backgrounds, and sexual orientations to define what makes an above-average sexual experience. “A friend once asked … Read more

Couples Are Taking Things Higher With Cannabis-Themed Weddings

Watching your wedding fizzle out isn’t necessarily a bad thing. With marijuana legalized in New York, Massachusetts, Maine, and a growing number of states, more couples are looking to go further, with cannabis-infused cocktails, canapés, and pre-rolled joints available to wedding guests. “People are starting to treat marijuana the same way they treat alcohol,” said … Read more

Pink flamingos harbor a sexy hidden meaning in trailer parks

It is the awakening of swing. There’s nothing wrong with decorating your lawn with flamingos, if that’s your thing of course. In a new first-person report written for RV Travel, road tripper Nanci Dixon reveals that those lovely pink figurines outside tents and RVs are sending a sexy message: swingers camp here. Generally, swingers can … Read more

Randy granny and ‘toyboy’ share shocking update after declaration of love

This globe-trotting granny makes a stop in Splitsville. The love between Iris Jones, 82, and Mohamed Ibriham, 36, surpassed their age difference in 2021 when the couple made headlines for their shocking relationship from May to December. Now, they are calling it quits after two years of marriage. “I loved everything about Mohammed,” Jones told … Read more

My date with Bisagra was going so well, then he asked me to pop my pimple

Their relationship hit a bump in the road, err, front. An eligible bachelorette revealed that her Hinge partner made an unusual request on their second date: he wanted to pop her pimple. Rebeca Fomich, known as Beca Michie online, was surprised and “honored” when the unidentified man asked her to remove the blemish on her … Read more

I was excited to propose to my girlfriend, until our hotel burned down.

Jason Lee Pryer, 21, was thrilled to propose to his girlfriend, Melanie Nunne, 21, last week at the historic Royal Albion Hotel in Brighton, England. He never expected a flaming inferno to mar the special day. “We only stayed there that night. I planned the proposal for a couple of months,” Pryer told South West … Read more

Explanation of the zodiacal compatibility of Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater in ‘Wicked’

Venus retrograde came strong and early for Ariana Grande. Within three days of confirming her split from husband Dalton Gomez, the media reported that our cancer queen has moved on and found love with her redheaded “Wicked” co-star Ethan Slater. Sources say the couple, who met on the set of the upcoming Broadway adaptation, have … Read more

‘Ghostlighting’ is the new sadistic dating trend that creates trust issues

The unfortunate marriage of ghosting and gaslighting has become the latest disturbing dating trend: “ghostlighting.” The dreaded combination of manipulation and disappearance is a double whammy for singles in the love market. “Gaslighting suggests that someone’s feeling or understanding is the problem. The ghost is when the communication ends abruptly,” dating coach Cher Gopman, aka … Read more

Christine Baumgartner, Kevin Costner’s ex, on vacation with her friend

Are you trading Costner for Conner? Kevin Costner’s estranged wife, Christine Baumgartner, was photographed vacationing in Hawaii with one of the actor’s friends, TMZ reported. Baumgartner, 49, wearing a bikini, was seen at a luxury resort on the Big Island of Hawaii with Josh Conner, a friend of Costner’s, who reportedly lives near him in … Read more