My friend didn’t invite my baby to his wedding: it ruined our friendship

This wedding ended in an amicable divorce. A bride allegedly asked a woman not to bring her baby to the nuptials, but she brought her infant son anyway, fueling a debacle that has captivated the internet. An anonymous Redditor posted his riddle on the “Am I The A-hole” forum on Sunday, racking up more than … Read more

Most parents admit concerns about their children’s behavior: survey

An overwhelming majority of parents (83%) admit to worrying about their young children’s behavior, according to new research. The survey of 2,000 parents of children ages 0-6 revealed that the most common concerns are sleep habits (48%), closely followed by aggression (46%) and separation anxiety (44%). Others are concerned about their children’s language behaviors (43%), … Read more

My Baby Is Twice The Size Of Her Twin Sister – Strangers Can’t Believe It

A pair of miracle twins from Washington, Pennsylvania amaze strangers wherever they go because of their remarkable difference in size. Born 11 weeks early via C-section in December 2021, little Reagan Lambert weighed just 1 pound, while her sister, Mila, weighed in at 2 pounds, 13 ounces. “When I saw Reagan, she was so small … Read more

Expert shares if it’s ever okay to discipline someone else’s child

Catching other people’s children misbehaving can put parents in a difficult situation. Especially if that child is being mean to your child, in which case, how should you react? What do you do to protect your own child without crossing parenting boundaries? It’s a difficult dilemma that I’m sure most parents, caregivers, or even non-parents … Read more

I have an ugly ‘gnome’ baby — that offends some moms but my son is loved

All babies are beautiful, unless they are not. When Emily Crossan, a 31-year-old mother from Staffordshire, England, gave birth to her son, Isaac, it was love at first sight, she described. But it wasn’t until later that he went through old photos and realized that he actually looked more like a “garden gnome” than a … Read more

An 8-year-old boy had no problem buying an AK-47 online and mailing it home

A woman in the Netherlands recently revealed that her young son once managed to buy an AK-47 from the dark web without her knowledge, calling it “something out of a movie.” “My son started hacking at eight years old. And that’s when he ordered a gun,” Barbra Gemen told Euronews. “He started spending a lot … Read more

I spent $4K consuming clay while pregnant, and I still crave it

While most pregnant women might crave pickles and ice cream, all this London woman wanted to do was eat clay. Dymund Dina, 31, started craving clay during her first pregnancy with her son in 2013 and has since spent more than $3,800 (£3,000) on the silt snack. “When I was pregnant, I would have ten … Read more

I was not allowed to date until I was 16; I now have 12 children after being a teenage mother.

Britni Church was not allowed to date until she was 16 in her “strict Christian home” but ended up getting pregnant at 15. She married and gave birth shortly after her 16th birthday. Now, at 34, she is the mother of 12 children. In a TikTok series that has racked up millions of views, Church … Read more

I almost died in a shark attack, now I’m pregnant with my first child

Addison Bethea was about to start her senior year of high school when an aggressive 9-foot shark bit into her right leg in June 2022. She has recovered from nearly losing her life and is now preparing to give birth to her first child. “It’s crazy to bring a new life to [the world] when … Read more

My son has a brain tumor: a strange symptom led us to his diagnosis

A couple in England warn other parents about the subtle signs of a brain tumor in children. The parents, Miriam and Colin Eckworth, noticed that their son, Zac, then 14 months old, had what appeared to be a “wobble eye,” meaning it moved in an unusual way. They took him to the doctor, where he … Read more