Why It’s Time To Change Our ‘Mom Wine Culture’

In today’s world, the image of a wine mother has become deeply ingrained in our shared consciousness. It evokes the image of a mother, usually with young children, having a glass of wine in the evening as a “reward” for dealing with another day of parental pressures. This ‘mama wine culture’ has probably been around … Read more

My husband cursed me when I got pregnant, but I refuse to ‘divorce’

This father is a crazy mother-“fk”-er. A screaming tantrum is typical for a baby, but it’s a viral surprise when the toddler’s father throws one at the news of his impending birth. And social media cynics are having mixed reactions to this annoying dad-to-be’s behavior. “Noooo!” and “shit!” shouted then-father of three, James Cofer, of … Read more

Moms Share Viral ‘Pure Genius’ Packaging Trick: ‘About To Change Your Life’

There’s a new packing hack that’s taking TikTok by storm, and if you have kids, you might want to give it a listen. Some moms are using over-the-door hanging shoe organizers to pack their kids’ clothes for the holidays, and many are raving about their incredible practicality. One creator, Jade O’Neal, shared the hack in … Read more

I used to judge teen moms as bad parents, then I became one at 14

Maddie Lambert had always assumed that young mothers would make bad parents, until she gave birth to her daughter, Everly Joy, when she was 14 years old. “I would always look down on teenage mothers, if I’m being completely honest,” Lambert, now 20, told Truly, according to The Sun. “I think it was just from … Read more

‘Everybody Wants a Cougar’, Until They Hit This Detour

It’s hot in here, until it stops. Sandra Lyn, 49, calls herself a “cougar” and creates content on TikTok and Instagram showcasing her captivating looks. In a recent TikTok video, the Canadian content creator jokingly revealed the only downside to what happens when you’re with a cougar, and it involves other people in the house. … Read more

Moms for Liberty Receives Death Threats After SPLC Grouped Them With KKK

Moms for Liberty reported an increase in death threats and hate speech directed at their organization since the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) labeled them an “anti-government, hateful” group along with the Ku Klux Klan. The SPLC recently named Moms for Liberty in its “Year In Hate and Extremism 2022” report released in June, attempting … Read more

New York mom confronts post-COVID government overreach: ‘Mom Army is stepping into the gap’

Jacqueline Toboroff waves the banner of “mommy army” as she heads into battle to defend America’s children from an ever-growing, emboldened, and seemingly irrational government. “You can’t fuck with Mama Bear’s kids,” Toboroff, author of the new book “Supermoms Activated: 12 Profiles of Hero Moms Leading the American Revival,” told Fox News Digital in an … Read more

I’m a Sexy Mom: Government-Funded Childcare Allows Me to Maintain My Appearance

She likes to have moments for herself. While her 2-year-old son, Remington, is at government-funded daycare, Raven Dixon-Biggs is revamping her wardrobe or fixing herself with a new wig. “For me personally, as a mother, looking good and feeling good is everything,” the 29-year-old UK beauty queen told The Sun on Friday. While some moms … Read more

I put my children in ice baths: I am not a bad mother, it is a good example

A mother who frequently takes ice baths with her 18-month-old son is being frozen by online trolls who say she is a bad mother. Kya Jeub, a mother of two from Oklahoma, posted a video on her TikTok calling herself the Ice Queen explaining why she likes to relax in an ice bucket with her … Read more

I refused to give up my assigned seats so that a group could sit together on a train.

A mother traveling by train with her two young children insisted on claiming her three seats reserved for her and her children when “three Americans sitting there from a large tour group” refused to move for her, she said. “I boarded the train from London to Paris yesterday with my family,” he wrote on social … Read more