The first AI sex toy allows users to masturbate using only their mind

This AI powered sex toy will blow your mind. An erotic entrepreneur has invented a titillating toy that allows users to masturbate with their minds, all thanks to advances in artificial intelligence. Brian Sloan, who previously produced a male masturbation sleeve known as “Autoblow,” enlisted the help of a group of researchers to create the … Read more

New sex toy gets help from ChatGPT to narrate sexual fantasies

ChatGPT can be your new lover. Lovense, a brand known for its remote-controlled vibrators, has introduced a new sex toy for users to dream up their sexual fantasies with an AI hand. The brand has incorporated an artificial intelligence chatbot into its new product offering, the Advanced Lovense ChatGPT Pleasure Companion. Pleasure seekers can disclose … Read more

Having sex and an orgasm before bed can help you fall asleep faster: study

Having the big O can help you catch some ZZZs. Partnered sex leading to orgasm reduces the time it takes men and women to fall asleep by several minutes and improves sleep quality, according to findings recently published in the Journal of Sleep Research. Sexual activity without orgasm and masturbation (with and without orgasm) were … Read more

Masturbation benefits revealed in new primate study: ‘Useful tactic’

Whipping the monkey probably helped the monkey evolve. So say the authors of a new British study examining the role masturbation has played in evolution. It turns out that playing with ourselves carries a number of benefits that helped all primates, including humans, survive and thrive. “Masturbation is common throughout the animal kingdom, but it … Read more

Man is electrocuted with a ping pong ball in the butt during a failed masturbation

It was a fun ending. A man has died, and there’s no putting it nicely, with a ping pong ball up his butt after being electrocuted during a self-pleasure session gone horribly wrong. The shocking incident was detailed in the journal Legal Medicine by doctors at the Hradec Králové University Hospital, where the autopsy was … Read more

I Had A Full Body Orgasm As The Woman From The Los Angeles Philharmonic – This Is What It Feels Like

They will win. A regular old orgasm just isn’t enough for a growing number of people who say they’ve taught their bodies to experience a more powerful type of climax. Pleasure seekers say they have “full body orgasms,” described by experts as “especially intense orgasms that feel like they’re in every part of your body.” … Read more