New York dog expert calls White House BS blaming ‘stress’ for Commander’s biting problem

It’s a dog-eat-dog world, but that doesn’t give pet owners in the Big Apple, or even the White House, license to let their aggressive pups run wild. President Joe Biden’s nearly 2-year-old German shepherd, Commander, is being accused of biting at least seven of his Secret Service employees. The most egregious documented incident, which occurred … Read more

AI gives hilarious makeovers to Barbie and Ken to Biden and Princess Kate

Your favorite celebrities and politicians: “Barbified.” Have you ever wondered what President Joe Biden would look like in Barbie World? You’re in luck: An enterprising film editor is cashing in on the raging “Barbie” movie craze by giving the US President and other famous Mattel-inspired makeovers with the help of artificial intelligence. “I loved taking … Read more

Military recruit considers quitting after being forced to shower with trans women with full male genitalia: report

An 18-year-old military recruit forced to shower with biological men as part of the Biden administration’s transgender policies complains that he was placed in an “extremely uncomfortable position.” The report was first raised at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Tuesday. The girl is afraid to speak out for fear it will hurt her … Read more

Lawyers scoff at Hunter Biden’s child support art settlement: ‘I can’t afford milk with his paints’

It’s the True Art of Theft: Child Support Edition. Hunter Biden, 53, settled his ongoing child custody dispute with baby mama Lunden Roberts by reaching a rather bizarre compromise. The embattled first son will not give his beloved son Navy Roberts his last name, as requested by Lunden. But the amateur artist will give you … Read more

Who won the debt ceiling negotiations? – podcast

On Wednesday night, the House debated legislation to increase the US debt limit through January 2025, before approving the bill by a vote of 314 to 117, in a rare show of bipartisan action. The bill now heads to the Senate, where many hope it will pass before the June 5 deadline, avoiding potential economic … Read more

US Debt Ceiling Bill Passes House With Broad Bipartisan Support – Video

The House debated legislation to increase the US debt limit through January 2025, before approving the bill by a vote of 314 to 117. House Republicans overwhelmingly approved the bill. Rep. Hakeem Jeffries of New York, the Democratic leader, praised Democrats for pushing back on ‘extremist Maga Republicans’ before Kevin McCarthy took the floor to … Read more

Republicans are holding economy ‘hostage,’ Biden says on US debt ceiling – Video

Joe Biden has accused Republican lawmakers of “holding the economy hostage.” Speaking in New York’s Hudson Valley at a call to lift the nation’s debt limit, Biden said: “They are literally, not figuratively, holding the economy hostage by threatening to default on our nation’s debt. “. Biden added: “There’s no reason to put all of … Read more

McCarthy Unveils GOP Debt Limit Plan on Wall Street Visit | CNN Business

NY CNN — Speaker Kevin McCarthy previewed Monday what he hopes House Republicans may pass in the coming weeks to raise the debt ceiling during a speech on the New York Stock Exchange. “So here is our plan: In the coming weeks, the House will vote on a bill to raise the debt ceiling through … Read more

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp says the GOP can’t be “distracted” by Trump investigations if it wants to win in 2024 | CNN Politics

CNN — Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has a message for his fellow Republicans seeking to take back the White House: “We can’t get distracted.” “We have to tell people, No. 1, what we are for. No. 2, that we will focus on the future and what we will do for the voters of our state … Read more

4 takeaways from Biden’s trip to Ireland | CNN Politics

Dublin, Ireland CNN — As so many Americans do each year, President Joe Biden returned to Ireland this week in search of his roots, searching for some connection and some answers in the land his people left behind so many years ago. He found it in the pubs but also in Parliament, which he said … Read more