Dear Abby, I don’t want to pay for my daughter’s elaborate baby shower.

DEAR ABBY: My daughter and son-in-law are expecting their second child. Everyone is very happy for them. The problem is the difference between your in-laws beliefs and mine. I grew up in a family where parties and celebrations were held at home. We opened our home to friends and family, everyone brought food, and we … Read more

Dear Abby, All my relationships become loveless over time.

DEAR ABBY: I have been in a relationship with “Blake” for almost 10 years. Before we met, I was with “Kaden”, the father of my children. It was a loveless relationship. Kaden was mean and cold and often had angry outbursts. My relationship with Blake started out as everything I ever wanted. He made me … Read more

Bride surprises guests by hitchhiking to the wedding in the back of her family’s tractor

A bride gave her wedding guests a big surprise by arriving at the church for her ceremony in the back of a tractor. Kathryn McKay, 33, appeared at the church ceremony in the bucket of a Massey Ferguson 135 driven by her farmer father, Henry McKay, 66, as SWNS, the British news service, reported on … Read more

Dear Abby, No one in my family visited my dad when he had Alzheimer’s.

DEAR ABBY: Is it normal for people to ignore family members who have Alzheimer’s? My father spent over two years in a VA hospital before his death. During that time, his children (including me) and my aunt (his sister) visited him regularly. His grandchildren and another aunt visited him a few times. Two of my … Read more

Dear Abby, My controlling sister-in-law makes the holidays hell.

DEAR ABBY: I have a sister-in-law, “Helen”, who has designated herself as the last word at all family events. No other relatives have information on when, where, what, etc., regarding any family celebration. If it’s not his way, it’s the road. The biggest problem with Helen is that she schedules everything on the date that … Read more

Our parents are 26 years apart in age – we are living proof that it works

Age is nothing more than a number for this family. Allison and Ben Hornsby have a 26-year age gap between them, and despite their generational differences, the couple’s five children have come to appreciate that. Triplets Benjamin, Noah and Ethan, 19, and their twin brothers Mia and Jude, 16, have opened up about their fathers … Read more

My Husband Died So I Fell In Love With His Brother – Haters Call Him ‘Uncle Daddy’ But We’re In Love

Talk about keeping it in the family. A mother is being criticized online after falling for her late husband’s brother. It wasn’t even a year after Kaitlin Norton’s husband Aaron Smith passed away from a drug overdose before she pursued romance with her older brother, Rory. “I didn’t expect his voice to remind me so … Read more