My friend didn’t invite my baby to his wedding: it ruined our friendship

This wedding ended in an amicable divorce. A bride allegedly asked a woman not to bring her baby to the nuptials, but she brought her infant son anyway, fueling a debacle that has captivated the internet. An anonymous Redditor posted his riddle on the “Am I The A-hole” forum on Sunday, racking up more than … Read more

Most parents admit concerns about their children’s behavior: survey

An overwhelming majority of parents (83%) admit to worrying about their young children’s behavior, according to new research. The survey of 2,000 parents of children ages 0-6 revealed that the most common concerns are sleep habits (48%), closely followed by aggression (46%) and separation anxiety (44%). Others are concerned about their children’s language behaviors (43%), … Read more

My Baby Is Twice The Size Of Her Twin Sister – Strangers Can’t Believe It

A pair of miracle twins from Washington, Pennsylvania amaze strangers wherever they go because of their remarkable difference in size. Born 11 weeks early via C-section in December 2021, little Reagan Lambert weighed just 1 pound, while her sister, Mila, weighed in at 2 pounds, 13 ounces. “When I saw Reagan, she was so small … Read more

Expert shares if it’s ever okay to discipline someone else’s child

Catching other people’s children misbehaving can put parents in a difficult situation. Especially if that child is being mean to your child, in which case, how should you react? What do you do to protect your own child without crossing parenting boundaries? It’s a difficult dilemma that I’m sure most parents, caregivers, or even non-parents … Read more

I spent $4K consuming clay while pregnant, and I still crave it

While most pregnant women might crave pickles and ice cream, all this London woman wanted to do was eat clay. Dymund Dina, 31, started craving clay during her first pregnancy with her son in 2013 and has since spent more than $3,800 (£3,000) on the silt snack. “When I was pregnant, I would have ten … Read more

The ‘one-size-fits-all’ education is a relic of the past: survey of teachers

Seven in 10 high school teachers agree that a one-size-fits-all education, with the same curriculum and teaching methods for all students, is a thing of the past. The traditional classroom model appears to require a change as the majority (67%) prefer to have fewer than 20 students in a classroom, according to a survey of … Read more

My son has a brain tumor: a strange symptom led us to his diagnosis

A couple in England warn other parents about the subtle signs of a brain tumor in children. The parents, Miriam and Colin Eckworth, noticed that their son, Zac, then 14 months old, had what appeared to be a “wobble eye,” meaning it moved in an unusual way. They took him to the doctor, where he … Read more

Haters are constantly shaming my baby, they need to back off

Hear his roar. A self-described “mama bear” is hitting back at fatphobes who have criticized her 9-month-old daughter for being “full”. “In [my daughter’s] nine months into being alive, seven women have commented negatively on her body,” mother Arianna Schlossberg, 30, of Michigan, said in outrage on a trending TikTok. “I don’t mean ‘Oh look … Read more

New York influencer Christine Tran Ferguson’s son, Asher, has died at 1: ‘Nightmare’

New York City influencer Christine Tran Ferguson has revealed that her son, 1-year-old Asher, has passed away after a two-week health battle. Ferguson shared the news via an Instagram post. “My heart is completely broken and shattered into a million pieces,” she wrote in the post shared on July 20. “I will never understand why, … Read more

I let my son walk outside without pants, trolls call me a bad mom

Anyone who has had small children knows how difficult it is to leave the house. Between feeding and dressing them, changing their diapers, going to the bathroom, making snacks, and somehow making themselves presentable for public, it’s amazing when parents get out of the house. And sometimes you have to choose your battles. Does a … Read more