Do you fancy a cat? Earn your stripes on a luxury tiger safari in India

While African lions nap in the sun, undisturbed by safari vehicles packed with noisy tourists, Bengal tigers from India are more sensitive. Always on the move, always looking for prey, across a territory that stretches between 17 and 20 square miles, finding one can feel like finding a moving needle in a jungle-sized haystack. So … Read more

Huge lion approaches the stunned campers

In the camp, the quiet camp, the lion crawls tonight. Campers in Botswana had a closer-than-expected wildlife encounter after a massive male lion strutted through their camp, crawling at the feet of petrified safari-goers. “Lions arrive at the camps unannounced and in total silence, just like we did,” said an unidentified cameraman of the “once-in-a-lifetime” … Read more