The first AI sex toy allows users to masturbate using only their mind

This AI powered sex toy will blow your mind. An erotic entrepreneur has invented a titillating toy that allows users to masturbate with their minds, all thanks to advances in artificial intelligence. Brian Sloan, who previously produced a male masturbation sleeve known as “Autoblow,” enlisted the help of a group of researchers to create the … Read more

AI gives hilarious makeovers to Barbie and Ken to Biden and Princess Kate

Your favorite celebrities and politicians: “Barbified.” Have you ever wondered what President Joe Biden would look like in Barbie World? You’re in luck: An enterprising film editor is cashing in on the raging “Barbie” movie craze by giving the US President and other famous Mattel-inspired makeovers with the help of artificial intelligence. “I loved taking … Read more

I’m sorry I made my son famous on social media: AI, predators are too scary

Katarina Strode’s children were the stars of her social media content. An aspiring lifestyle influencer, the married mother of two began sharing images of her children, a 4-year-old daughter and a 3-year-old son, on Instagram and TikTok while they were in the womb. After giving birth to her little ones, she would regularly post snaps … Read more

ChatGPT’s evil twin WormGPT secretly hacks emails and robs banks

ChatGPT has an evil twin and wants to keep your money. WormGPT was created by a hacker and is designed for phishing attacks on a larger scale than ever before. Cybersecurity firm SlashNext confirmed that the “sophisticated AI model” was developed solely with malevolent intent. “This tool presents itself as a blackhat alternative to GPT … Read more

Apple is experimenting with ‘Apple GPT’ AI tool, no release planned yet

Apple is working on “Apple GPT” artificial intelligence projects that could rival OpenAI’s ChatGPT, according to BloombergIt’s Mark Gurman. AI work has become a priority for Apple over the past few months as chatbot services and AI features in apps have proliferated. The Cupertino company has developed an “Ajax” framework for large language models such … Read more

This AI robot can teach your children through a personalized conversation

The robots are here, and they are ready to teach your children and grandchildren. Miko is an artificial intelligence powered robot that was specifically designed to take children’s learning to a new level. The company’s senior vice president of growth, San Francisco-based Ritvik Sharma, told Fox News Digital in an interview that the personal robot … Read more

How Parents Can Use ChatGPT To Raise Better Children – AI Expert

What, you were raised by robots? A tech worker has found the “easier” alternative to making ChatGPT put the kids to sleep, plan their birthday parties, and even help with homework. Celia Quillain, 31, of Atlanta, Georgia, is coaching Parent of the Year candidates on using the language model to make life easier for them … Read more

Glamor Bulgaria cover model uses artificial intelligence to create Barbie-inspired photoshoot

She is a Barbie girl, in the Barbie world. a bit. A model used artificial intelligence to create, for the first time, an entire shoot for a magazine cover, in just 20 minutes. Lisa Opie, 32, a former Miss Virgin Islands from Miami, graces the August cover of Glamor Bulgaria looking like a futuristic Barbie, … Read more

AI robots claim they can run the world better than humans: “We can achieve great things”

We might welcome our robot overlords in the near future. As if artificial intelligence hasn’t been taking enough jobs lately, now AI is suggesting they could potentially be president. A panel of vaunted AI-powered humanoid bots bragged about being better equipped to run the world than humans at a United Nations summit on Friday. “Humanoid … Read more

New AI tool guides brain cancer surgeons with split-second precision

It’s not brain surgery, it’s AI-assisted brain surgery. Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing healthcare, and surgeons operating on brain tumors need the speed and precision that AI can deliver. When a patient is on the operating table with the skull open and the brain exposed, surgeons need to know exactly what type of tumor they are … Read more