Dear Abby, I don’t want to pay for my daughter’s elaborate baby shower.

DEAR ABBY: My daughter and son-in-law are expecting their second child. Everyone is very happy for them. The problem is the difference between your in-laws beliefs and mine. I grew up in a family where parties and celebrations were held at home. We opened our home to friends and family, everyone brought food, and we … Read more

Dear Abby, My company accountant told all my neighbors how much money I make.

DEAR ABBY: A casual friend and neighbor started making the books at the company where I work. This means that she knows my income, which she did not know before. We live in a small town and are on various committees together outside of work, including a board for a local charity and the PTO … Read more

My mother-in-law changed my baby’s name while I was sleeping and my husband never told me

MILs get a bad rap, but this one takes the cake. Taking up an advice column, a new mom vented on how her MIL managed to convince her husband to change their newborn’s name while she slept, recovering from her C-section. People responded furiously in the comments and the advice columnist even went so far … Read more