‘Summer House’ Star Sam Feher Responds to ‘Badly Photoshopped’ Reunion Portrait

“Summer House” star Sam Feher isn’t too happy with the outcome of his first reunion portrait.

As soon as Bravo released the official cast photos for the upcoming Season 7 reunion on Wednesday, fans immediately labeled the show’s newbie “unrecognizable” who they thought was a “stunt double.”

sam feher
“Summer House” star Sam Feher is responding to claims of “bad Photoshop” about his first reunion portrait.
sam feher
“The way they edit those photos is SOMETHING,” he said.
sam feher
Feher posted a video of “what [her] the face actually looks alike.”

“What did they do to Sam’s face?! 😩”, one of the many social media users demanded to know, while others believe the editors “dirty” it with “bad Photoshop”.

Some even wondered if the blue-eyed blonde beauty “got something done to her face before the reunion,” but Feher put those rumors to rest with a behind-the-scenes video from set showing “what [her] the face actually looks like 🥴.”

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“The way they edit those photos is SOMETHING,” she added of the Instagram Story clip, which showed her dancing in a hot pink fringed minidress in the green room she shared with co-stars Danielle Olivera and Gabby Prescod.

sam feher
The Bravo rookie wore a hot pink fringed minidress to the Season 7 reunion.
Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images
sam feher
“Manifesting to go to DWTS,” he joked about the sparkly outfit.
Sasha Israel/Bravo

Those who didn’t comment on the influencer’s seemingly transformed face and overly excited expression were obsessed with her outfit choice, as several jokingly asked her if she was headed to “Dancing With the Stars.”

If it were up to Feher, that would be the case.

“Manifesting to go to DWTS,” the 25-year-old wrote above a selfie of herself in the sparkly ensemble, calling the concert her “ultimate dream.”

“Fun fact that most people don’t know,” she added, “I was trained to be a professional dancer until a career-ending injury at age 18.”

Feher, who encouraged fans to “remember [her] on VIDEO” as “evidence” of her actual appearance, she is not the only Bravolebrity whose cast portrait has been jarringly altered.

Most recently, “Vanderpump Rules” star Scheana Shay was missing half an eyebrow in her Season 10 promo photo.

Bravo did not immediately respond to Page Six’s request for comment.

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