Succession Season 4 Power Rankings: America Decides Every Roy Is A Loser – /Film

Today, Roman fired nukes at his father’s empire, so why is he so high on the power rankings for the week? Well, because he was the one who wanted to push the button in the first place, and they’re not going to blame him for doing it.

Roy’s youngest son has been imploding this entire season, from his rampant dismissals to his grief-fuelled tirade against Lukas. But on election night, Roman is back in business. He keeps a cool head, convinces Tom and Kendall to do as they ask every time, and is victorious in the fight with Shiv at the end of the night. He calls her hysterical and convinces the sometimes liberal Kendall to side with her once and for all, ensuring the election of her nominee by any means necessary.

It is not known which way the courts will go on this, as there is no precedent in Wisconsin state law or in state or federal courts. Considering that repeat votes are very rare, Roman’s call is not totally crazy, despite what Matsson says. He’s right that delaying a decision might have infuriated his base on a night when ratings were extremely crucial, much more crucial to Roman than holding together the fabric of his nation’s democracy.

As he puts it, “We created a good night’s television. That’s all we did. Nothing happens.” In Roman’s world, he’s the clear winner of the night, and he got away with clean hands: it was Tom’s face that was projected all over PGN, not his. Sometimes it pays to buy the news networks on both sides of the aisle, huh?

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