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Succession director discusses Shiv and Tom’s relationship status – /Film

I think they feel like their roles have come back in some way, and they’re happy to be playing husband and wife at that point,” Scafaria told Variety. getting back on your feet and finding your roles… This feels like therapy for everyone. Maybe it’s for the best when you’re used to a certain kind of love.”

Shiv and Tom have been switching in and out of their roles all season long. They agreed to divorce at the end of the premiere episode, but then Logan’s death shook everyone’s world. Despite his residual anger (and the fact that they have yet to talk about Tom’s betrayal or all the pain Shiv previously caused him), Tom has been a port for Shiv in this storm of grief. In very brief interludes, he allows himself to be comforted in his arms. “Living +” is the first time that he doesn’t walk away at the end. She’s still drawing a line in the sand, telling him they’re “not getting in” on all the emotional turmoil, but in so many other ways, their partnership has resumed: they sleep together, plan together, and strategize as a team. . And all thanks to Bitey!

Scafaria went on to say that there’s definitely something funny (and fitting) about Bitey being the way back to each other: “Of course, their expression of love can’t help but have some violence in it.”

Given the family he grew up in, this doesn’t come as a huge surprise to Shiv. The Roys have long expressed their affection through jabs and casual insults. This all stems from an episode where both Kendall and Roman obsessively rewatch videos (one real, one fake) of their father insulting them. How else would they feel close to Logan, who spent his life verbally destroying them? “He’s learned to associate love with pain,” Scafaria reasoned.



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