Star Wars Visions creators enjoy the gray area of ​​Sith characters – /Film

“Every kid wants to take a walk on the dark side or the wild side once in a while,” Josh Rimes explained to Screen Rant. “Even growing up with the original trilogy, just the Darth Vader mystique, what happened? How did [have] all this power? What is all that? When you really dissect it, the Sith were people too. They were Jedi who chose the wrong path. It’s just a personal choice and I think that’s what makes it so universal.”

The first episode of “Visions” season 2, “Sith”, is animated by El Guiri Studios and follows a former Sith apprentice named Lola (Úrsula Corberó). Ashamed of her past, Lola tries to heal her soul using the Force and paints as art therapy, until an encounter with her former Sith master disrupts her journey toward inner peace. In order to defeat her former master, Lola embraces both sides of herself, symbolically wielding a half green, half red lightsaber. Lola affirms: “The light and the dark are part of the painting. Part of me.”

Sith characters are inherently compelling because they’re remarkably flawed: their flaws are what lead them down dark paths, and that’s relatable and enigmatic in a different way than the Jedi.

“It’s about, am I going to choose the right choice or the selfish choice? Am I going to choose power over [being] more magnanimous [and] Peaceful or not?” Rimes explained. “So I think there’s an appeal to that mystique about how do you fall to the dark side? I think ‘Screechers Reach’ in particular really shows you a really compelling way that these options can reach you.”

“And it doesn’t seem so obvious right away,” added co-producer James Waugh.

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