Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2 Episode 6 brings friendship and zombies – /Movie

However, the fact that Uhura communicated with non-corporeal aliens makes “Lost in Translation” the second episode in a row to feature such creatures.

“Lost in Translation” also sees a development in the sexual/romantic relationship between Spock (Ethan Peck) and Nurse Chapel (Jess Bush). At the end of “Charades”, the two shared a kiss and it was implied that they also had sex. They are now playing chess in the mess hall, and Spock is considering whether or not to report his flirtation to the captain; fraternization between officers and everything. In true scientific fashion, Spock declares that, for a while, he will be “experimenting with emotions”, which means that he will smile more in the future and perhaps tell Chapel that he loves her. This behavior will come into play more in the next episode.

A lot has already been invested in Peck’s version of Spock. He was saddled with a previously unknown sister in “Discovery”, he was said to have been on the run after being accused of murder and escaped from a mental institution. He briefly transformed into a human and requires therapy to control his emotions. The creators of “Strange New Worlds” are burying a LOT under the skin of Leonard Nimoy. In “Translation,” Spock is now more warm, caring, and emotional than ever. It’s such a dramatic change in character to him that a Trekkie might wonder if this Spock will be canonically linked to the one we’ve known for 57 years.

At the very least, something dramatic and heartbreaking will have to happen before 1966’s “Star Trek” can begin. Trekkies will have to steel themselves.

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