Roasted influencer for sharing what she ate at a ‘healthy’ wedding: ‘Insane’

Their love is sweet, their wedding was not.

A gluten-free and dairy-free bride is coming under fire online for sharing what she ate on her wedding day, right down to the anti-bloat pills that graced every table at the celebration.

Sam Cutler, community creator of The Fit Fatale, started her day with two green protein shakes from Playa Bowls, a few bites of her bridesmaid grain salad, and a plate of greens before the festivities.

During cocktail hour, the bride snacks on oyster and avocado bites before starting dinner with a chopped salad and gluten-free bread.

An ice and lemon intermezzo was served before the main course of salmon and vegetables.

The health and wellness influencer revealed that she drank two green protein shakes, ate a few bites of grain salad, and nibbled on a plate of greens as she got ready for her wedding.
Andrews Steel/Twitter

Sam Cutler eating a green salad
Cutler described herself as a “health focused girlfriend” when she posted the video to her social accounts.
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Cutler placed Arrae’s bloat pills on the tables and swallowed one before taking a bite of her gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free chocolate cake.

The petite blonde also provided a candy table filled with Unreal chocolates, which are low-sugar and allergen-free, and SmartSweets, low-sugar candies.

Later in the evening, Cutler and her husband welcomed guests for a taco bar before heading home.

The newlyweds served Cote des Roses rosé, as Cutler noted its low sugar content, and Moët & Chandon because she knows she can “feel good” and “still enjoy” while drinking these drinks.

The videos quickly went viral this week with 4 million views on TikTok and over 3,000 likes on Instagram.

Cutler began her fitness and wellness journey about four years ago after suffering “a severe concussion and brain trauma from a fitness accident,” she explains on her site.

As she explored her own health and wellness, she began sharing tips to encourage others to “find balance on a daily basis through a healthy lifestyle and stillness.”

Sam Cutler eating at his wedding reception
Cutler and her husband welcomed guests with appetizers, served several healthy dishes and cakes at a sit-down dinner, set up a table of healthy sweet treats and finished off with a taco truck on their wedding night.
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The newlyweds also placed anti-bloating pills on all the tables so that they and their guests could indulge themselves.
The newlyweds also placed anti-bloating pills on all the tables to indulge themselves and their guests.
Andrews Steel/Twitter

The content creator described herself as a “health-focused bride,” but several commenters felt she was too extreme for her big day.

“Your wedding day is supposed to be nice,” wrote a TikToker with a crying emoji.

“Brother, ONE DAY IS OKAY,” exclaimed another.

Others claimed that Cutler’s wedding looked “sad” and “crazy”.

“Can you imagine going to a wedding and there are anti-swelling gummies on the tables? Byyyyeeeeeeeeeee”, reflected a TikToker.

Another also noted the bloating pills, writing that it made them “so annoying.”

“Get well soon,” one of Cutler taunted, hinting that he was battling an eating disorder.

Although Cutler was seen eating during her special day, viewers claimed the focus on healthy, low-sugar options seemed too intense.
Although Cutler was seen eating during her special day, viewers claimed the focus on healthy, low-sugar options seemed too intense.
Andrews Steel/Twitter

But some social media users defended his choices, arguing that he “ate and drank constantly throughout the day.”

“If you are paying for an expensive wedding then you should eat what you can eat and like,” another insisted.

The Post contacted Cutler for comment.

Several TikTok commenters described it as an “almond” wedding, derived from the term “almond moms.”

“Almond mom” has been coined by millennials and Gen Zers to describe mothers who developed extremely restrictive eating habits during the diet culture craze of the 1980s and 1990s and forced these practices on their children.

Cutler’s video and the wave of criticism come as people try to deal with and denounce the rise of disordered eating and toxic diet culture.

Another bride recently went viral when she shared a video of her wedding party doing a morning dance workout to kick off her big day.

The Utah girlfriend captioned the TikTok, “Highly recommend!!”

Many commenters criticized the activity, describing their special day as an “almond wedding.”

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