‘RHOC’ Recap: Tamra Judge Throws Napkin At Jennifer Pedranti And Storms Out In An Explosive Fight

Tamra Judge threw her napkin and several swear words at Jennifer Pedranti during an argument on Wednesday’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Orange County.”

Judge was furious as she expressed her “concern” to Pedranti that her boyfriend, Ryan Boyajian, had never been faithful to his partners and that she had left her husband of 18 years for a “player”.

“Yeah, if Ryan was going to fuck it up, I mean, it’s not going to be like ‘Oh, sweep it under the rug,’” Pedranti said during a group dinner at Nobu.

The 55-year-old judge quickly interrupted her and asked: “But hasn’t he screwed up yet?”

Jennifer Pedranti speaking at "RHOC"
Pedranti and Judge argued about Pedranti’s relationship with Ryan Boyajian.
Tamra Judge and Heather Dubrow talking about "RHOC"
The judge confessed that she does not believe that Pedranti’s man is faithful to her.

Pedranti, 46, later shut down any speculation that Boyajian had cheated on her. However, she had previously admitted that, at one point, he had a “flirt” with another woman when they were on a break.

“Do you think he’s going to be loyal to her for the rest of his life?” Emily Simpson then asked the judge, who said: “No, I don’t. And the idea of ​​him being unfaithful hurts me.

“It hurts so much that you are venting all my s**t on these new friends of mine! That damn hurts!” Pedranti yelled back as the rest of the women looked on.

Judge, however, denied spreading rumors about her boyfriend, saying people know “he’s a fucking whore.”

tamra judge speaking "RHOC"
The judge also brought up his earlier allegation that Boyajian said he wanted to “fk” with her.
Jennifer Pedranti speaking at "RHOC"
Pedranti firmly told Judge to “watch” what she says about her boyfriend.

“It is what it is: he walked into my fucking gym and said he wanted to fuck me,” Judge claimed, referring to her earlier allegation that Boyajian wanted to date her before dating Pedranti (which he has denied).

Judge then dropped a new bombshell. She also claimed that one of Boyajian’s friends had previously warned her husband, Eddie Judge, to “watch out for his wife” because “Ryan goes after married women.”

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But Pedranti teased that there was more to that story than Tamra was telling before apparently hinting that the gym owner was “in the mood” for Boyajian as well. Tamra immediately denied his claims.

“I would see it, Tamra,” Pedranti told her firmly, which angered Tamra.

Tamra Judge throwing a napkin
Judge immediately activated and angrily threw his napkin at Pendrati.
A napkin in the face of Jennifer Pedranti
“Do you want me to look at it?!” Judge yelled mid-pitch.

“Look at it? Do you want me to look at it?!” Tamra yelled before getting up from the table and throwing her napkin in Pedranti’s face, “Do I have to see him? Are you fucking with me?”

“You should leave your boyfriend, you fucking bitch! Fuck you!” Tamra yelled before leaving the table.

Despite Tamra storming off, she continued her tirade by telling Shannon Beador outside that she “isn’t entertaining her bulls”.

“She’s dating a fucking jerk and implying that I was flirting with him? Fuck that!” a heated Tamra said to Beador.

He "RHOC" cast seated for dinner
Judge fled the group dinner and continued to vent about Pedranti outside.
Jennifer Pedranti speaking in a confessional
Pedranti later claimed that Judge used to think her boyfriend was “hot”.

Meanwhile, inside the restaurant, the other women asked Pedranti what she meant when she implied that Tamra used to think her boyfriend was “hot.” At the time, Pedranti was tight-lipped, but later confessed to her version of the story.

“There was a barbecue,” Pedranti began in a confessional. “Tamra and Eddie went to Ryan’s house, and Tamra called me from there and said, ‘Come on, I’m at a hot gym guy’s house.’ She jokes and says, ‘Should I go up to her room and grab one for the team?’

Pedranti stressed that, at the time, she found the whole thing “funny”, but it confused her as to why Tamra is now “uncomfortable” with their relationship.

He "RHOC" cast seated at a diner
The judge apologized to Pedranti, but not before reminding him that he is still “furious” with her.
Jennifer Pedranti and Ryan Boyajian pose together for a photo
Pedranti and Boyajian appear to still be together.
Todd Williamson/Peacock via Getty Images

Tamra and Beador, “fuckin raging”, finally met up with their co-stars, where the former apologized to Pedranti for “throwing a napkin in his face”.

Despite Judge’s disapproval of their relationship, Pedranti and Boyajian seem to remain strong, even going so far as to scoff at rumors of infidelity.

She was previously married to Will Pedranti for 18 years before separating in 2021. They share five children: Harrison, 18, Dawson, 15, Greyson, 13, Everleigh, 11, and Dominic, 8.

“The Real Housewives of Orange County” airs Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on Bravo.

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