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It’s day 2 of CinemaCon, and things are just getting started in Las Vegas! /The film’s own Ben Pearson is on hand at the annual film showcase and brings us the first words on the exclusive trailers and previews there, including the upcoming “The Nun” sequel, “The Nun 2,” starring Storm Reid. CinemaCon debuted new footage from the film, which opens this fall, and horror fans will want to keep this one on their radar later this year.

The film is reportedly set four years after the end of the first film and will revisit Taissa Farmiga’s sister Irene as she takes on the demon Valak aka The Nun once again. The latest film to join the “The Conjuring” universe is directed by “The Curse of La Llorona” and “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It” director Michael Chaves. “M3GAN” writer Akela Cooper penned the script along with Ian Goldberg and Richard Naing from a story she wrote. The world needs more Akela Cooper movies, so right off the bat, this movie holds promise.

Also, it’s exciting that Taissa Farmiga is back. Reid is also a very exciting cast, as she has shown in “Euphoria” and “The Invisible Man” she is becoming a skilled performer. Anna Popplewell, Katelyn Rose Downey and Jonas Bloquet make up the supporting cast, with the irreplaceable Bonnie Aarons returning as the Nun herself. “The Conjuring” and “Saw” creator James Wan and DC Studios head Peter Safran return to co-produce with Judson Scott.

The images of Nun 2 at CinemaCon

Based on the footage alone, it looks like the sequel will be much more far-reaching than Corin Hardy’s original. The first images showed a group of girls playing a sinister game in a chapel in France. There is a statue under a sheet that seems to move, but you don’t see that it turns its head. The church looks abandoned with a series of dark stained glass windows providing the only light. One of them asks: “What are we doing here?” “Playing a game,” another girl replies. “It’s called Challenging the Devil.”

Trying to scare the main girl away, the other girls start to make fun of her. “At the right time of day, the sun hits the glass at the right angle, and if you’re looking carefully, the devil looks right at you,” says one. The game they are playing is dangerous and another girl says, “The rumor is that if you look the other way, the devil will appear in the form of a monstrous goat.” Of course, there is a picture of a goat on the stained glass window. The goat’s eyes suddenly turn red and the nun is right behind her. The main girl runs but is trapped inside her with the nun as the statue begins to move and the sheet slowly falls off as she screams in horror.

The character of Taissa Famiga from the first film is introduced by a priest who warns that “the devil lives” and that Farmiga is “the only person alive who has faced something like this”. She appears in an ancient city with dark alleys when the pages of a newsstand begin to turn. From there, he begins a giant montage showing a river of blood and a ton of religious horror imagery.

The footage ended with two girls exploring a crawl space. They see a woman from behind. A great sting of fright ensues as the woman’s hands grab the girl’s face.

nun of your business

After the footage screened, Taissa Farmiga and Storm Reid took the stage to offer a few more details on the highly anticipated sequel. Farmiga’s character, Sister Irene, returns because she “has a strong sense of duty,” she later said. Filming in an actual abandoned church in France scared Farmiga so much that she needed an escort to escort her around the location.

For super fans of these movies, Farmiga was also quick to say that the new sequel will put together a few more puzzle pieces in the “Conjuring” universe that should expand on the already established lore.

From the looks of it, “The Nun 2” appears to be an ambitious continuation of the first film. With Bonnie Aarons returning as the Nun and James Wan and Peter Safran as producers, the next entry into the ever-expanding world of “The Conjuring” may end up being one of the highlights of the entire series. “The Nun 2” is scheduled to scare the public on September 8, 2023.

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