Ramona Singer ‘kissing all over Southampton’ with mystery boyfriend

Call it a hot “housewife” summer.

Ramona Singer has been spotted “making out all over Southampton” with her mystery new boyfriend, an East End spy tells Page Six.

The source tells us about the original “Real Housewives of New York City” star, “She is a new woman entering the first anniversary of her relationship with the new [mysterious boyfriend] ‘Bill.'”

“The couple have been seen kissing all over Southampton,” the source added. “They are totally in love.”

ramona singer
Insiders say Singer has a mysterious boyfriend, known only as “Bill.”

Page Six reported earlier this year that Singer had a new love interest, named “Bill”, whose last name is unknown, whom she has been keeping under wraps.

Sources at the time said Singer’s ex-husband Mario Singer was at an event for the duo’s daughter Avery when he developed a case of “diarrhea in the mouth” and started talking about Ramona’s new boyfriend known only as “Bill”.

Ramona’s friends say that Bill does do invoices and that he is from New Jersey and is in finance, they tell us.

ramona singer
Singer denied earlier this year that she had a new boyfriend, despite Luann de Lesseps saying she did.

Our source said the two met last Labor Day and that “Ramona is drinking a lot less, and she’s finally happy.”

While the source told us that Singer and this guy Bill have been together for the better part of a year, Ramona in January shut down co-star Luann de Lesseps’ claim around the time she had a new man.

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De Lesseps had claimed during her “Countess’ Cabaret” live show in Boston that Singer had a new man in her life.

But Ramona told us at the time, “Luann isn’t up to speed… For the record, I currently don’t have a boyfriend. I no longer see the man I was seeing the last time Luann and I spoke. I’m just dating.

Ramona Singer, Mario Singer, Avery Singer
We’ve reported that Singer’s ex-husband Mario leaked news of the relationship at an event for the exes’ daughter Avery.
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However, when we reached out about his supposed new romance, he didn’t get back to us.

A source previously told us about the couple: “Things are getting really serious with the guy” and that “I think she’s very protective of the situation…She’s a more calm Ramona now.”

Ramona also stars in Peacock’s “The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: RHONY Legacy.”

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